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Wizard's Cavern takes the participant's live, real-time video image and immerses it into a 3D virtual world, complete with magical owls, bats, dragons and flying broomsticks.

Wizard's Cavern is a multi-level adventure. The object of the game is to collect as many wizard rings as possible in the time allowed. The more rings collected, the more powerful the gamer becomes.

The gamer must overcome the malevolent bats and dragons that try to steal his power and keep him from completing his quest. Help appears in the form of snowy owls, which bring rings and assist the apprenticing wizard through each increasingly challenging level.

dungeon level virtual game
Wizard's Cavern Click here to view Wizards Cavern in action

dragon level virtual reality

Wizard's Cavern features 's brand new GestXtreme Game Engine. The updated technology includes advanced tracking techniques and high-resolution graphics making the GX experience more realistic than ever before. 's patented GX technology allows users to physically participate in the virtual world through a combination of sophisticated artificial intelligence and video gesture analysis of the user's real-time video image.

From fighting dragons to flying broomsticks, interaction with and manipulation of the virtual objects is seamless. The player is free to move about the play area, unrestricted by heavy VR equipment, such as helmets, goggles and joysticks, which also makes it a physical work out for those who seek to be the best.

"For the first time in a GX game players will be able to shoot objects from their hands; in this case it is repelling energy blasts. It is a very empowering experience."

JPEG and TIF images available [here]