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GestureTek Product Video Latest Press and Media Coverage on GestureTek Inc. GestureTek Corporate Brochure GestureTek Tradeshow and Exhibit Solutions Video

News Release

Announces 3D Gesture Tracking Initiatives for Sprint and Hitachi; Shares New 3D Patent Information

Jun 11 2009

New Clients and Stereo/3D Patents Advance GestureTek’s 3D Depth Market Success

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, June 11, 2009 – GestureTek Inc., the inventor, pioneer and world leader in video gesture control technology for 2D and 3D cameras, and the key patent holder in video gesture control interfaces, today announced that its powerful 3D depth tracking technology will be used for an exciting gesture-based interactive digital signage display for telecom giant Sprint. GestureTek also announced the granting of a third patent for its 3D depth tracking and image visualization technology.

“GestureTek ‘s 3D tracking technology, embedded in the Hitachi gesture control television set, has sparked such interest that we have been conducting live demonstrations in forums such as the Wall Street Journal’s ‘All Things Digital’ Conference and The Today Show, to be aired next week,” says Francis MacDougall, GestureTek’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

“For more than 20 years, GestureTek has been creating 2D and 3D tracking technology and evangelizing video gesture control as the next step in computer human interaction,” says Vincent John Vincent, GestureTek’s Co-Founder and President.  “With more than 4000 public installations worldwide and a robust library of video gesture control technologies, applications and patents, GestureTek has blazed the trail in 3D depth tracking and gesture control and is a leader in the market today.”

GestureTek’s 3D Tracking & Control System Used in Sprint 3D Interactive Digital Signage Campaign

Sprint’s 3D depth sensing interactive display screen, with mobile phone connectivity, will track people’s body movements and respond by sending a Sprint promotional message that follows them whenever they walk in front of the interactive billboard.  The interactive motion-detecting advertising message will invite users to create their own personalized interactive wall art on Sprint’s gesture control screen, by calling Sprint on their mobile phone. The case study and video of Sprint’s interactive campaign, installed with partner Mission Electronics, can be seen at .

Sprint joins other respected organizations that are using GestureTek’s 3D vision control system, including the B.C. Olympic Secretariat and Hitachi.  The B.C. Olympic Secretariat commissioned five interactive 3D depth sensing flight simulators, featuring GestureTek’s 3D hand tracking interface, for use at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics. Users interact with the attraction, called the B.C. Explorer, with simple, intuitive gestures.  They control the experience of flying over 3D real-time satellite texture maps of the province of B.C. by tilting, rotating or making a fist with their hand. A video of this striking interactive attraction can be seen at .

GestureTek Demos Hitachi Gesture Control Television Set for The Today Show and at ‘D7’

Hitachi uses GestureTek technology in its gesture control television prototype.  With a 3D depth camera and GestureTek’s patented tracking software, the system allows users to control a TV with hand gestures instead of button presses.  It recognizes a wide variety of poses and gestures, including swipes and waves. 


The gesture control television set captured people’s imagination when GestureTek demonstrated the technology at the Wall Street Journal’s ‘All Things Digital’ Conference. A similar demonstration will be aired on The Today Show next week.

“The trend to gesture control spans far beyond just television sets and digital signage,” said Francis MacDougall, GestureTek’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.  “We have licensed our patents and technologies in various ways to a multitude of consumer electronics providers, including for PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Hasbro.  We are also working with major telecom companies and electronics manufacturers to enable gesture control for their set top boxes, consoles and other consumer devices.”

GestureTek Announces Third 3D/Stereo Patent

Complementing GestureTek’s 3D vision control solution is the announcement of a third patent relating to GestureTek’s 3D/stereo control interface. Newly-issued patent 7,430,312 has been granted to GestureTek to cover the company’s five-camera 3D face capture software, which creates 3D images of objects by illuminating with infrared patterns. GestureTek’s other existing depth-related patents cover base motion detection for video gesture control and 3D sensing camera control.  Dozens of other pending patents cover GestureTek’s wide variety of 3D tracking and control solutions.

“The rise of the Wii and the iPhone, as well as recent events such as Microsoft’s reported purchase of 3DV Systems and its announcement of Project Natal, all suggest that electronic devices controlled by gestures will become increasingly common,” says MacDougall.  “With notable clients, strong patents and advanced depth applications such as full body avatar control, two-handed control and multi-touch control, GestureTek has worked with multiple vendors of 3D depth hardware to carve out a leadership position in the 3D space.”

More on GestureTek’s 3D tracking and control software at .   

“For several years before this week’s explosion of interest in gesture control games at E3, GestureTek has been developing 3D gesture solutions for customers and demonstrating the depth strategies that have brought gesture to the forefront of the market,” says Bill Leckonby, CEO of GestureTek.

GestureTek’s full library of patents and technologies is available for licensing by developers and by manufacturers of PCs, consoles and other devices. Examples of licensees include Monster Media for their digital signage network, Sony for the EyeToy, Microsoft for the Xbox 360, Hasbro for their ION Educational Gaming System and NTT DoCoMo for their mobile handsets.

About GestureTek Inc.
GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-recognition technologies and computer vision for information, presentation and entertainment systems.  The company’s revolutionary video gesture control software lets users control interactive content, access information, manipulate special effects or immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world - simply by moving their hands or body. In the past 20 years, GestureTek has delivered over 4,000 interactive displays, kiosks, exhibits, games and other interactive solutions for museums, science centers, location-based entertainment facilities, retail stores, tourism and hospitality venues, real estate presentation centers, corporate boardrooms and showrooms, television networks and game developers.  The technology is also used by advertisers and marketers to make their digital signs and advertisements interactive and immersive.  Healthcare organizations specializing in rehabilitation, sensory stimulation, activation and recreation also use GestureTek’s technology for virtual therapy. GestureTek’s clients include leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as CNN, NASA, Oracle, Intel, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Nokia, Cingular AT&T Wireless, IBM and Panasonic.  Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro, Reactrix and NTT DoCoMo. GestureTek is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia. Learn more at or call (800) 315-1189.

For more information contact:
Patti Jordan, Director Mktg & Communications, GestureTek, 416-340-9290 x 274
Kristin Miller, Account Executive, SSPR, 719-634-8292

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GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S. patents include: 5,534,917 (Video Gesture Control Motion Detection);
7,058,204 (Multiple Camera Control System, Point to Control Base Patent); 7,421,093 (Multiple Camera Tracking System for Interfacing With an Application);
7,227,526 (Stereo Camera Control, 3D-Vision Image Control System); 7,379,563 (Two Handed Movement Tracker Tracking Bi-Manual Movements);
7,379,566 (Optical Flow-Based Tilt Sensor For Phone Tilt Control); 7,389,591 (Phone Tilt for Typing & Menus/Orientation-Sensitive Signal Output);
7,430,312 (Five Camera 3D Face Capture).

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