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News Release

GestureTek, patented inventor of 3D Camera based Gesture Control, Launches GestPoint Maestro3D™.

May 01 2011

Maestro3D™Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3D-Vision based control supports available 3D cameras, including Prime Sense, Panasonic, Kinect, and others, and provides a variety of tracking paradigms.

Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA, May 2011 GestureTek announces the launch of its GestPoint Maestro3D Software Development Kit (SDK), and licenses, providing patented cutting-edge 3D-video gesture control system that uses 3D depth cameras to track people and their gestures in free space, giving them touch-free control of interactive devices. Maestro3D for use in Public Digital Displays and Signage will be shown in GestureTek's booth ( # 5483 ) at Infocomm 2011 in Orlando June 15-17th.

Over 10 years ago GestureTek invented Video Gesture Control using 3D cameras, and has been using it in dynamic custom installations for its Fortune 500 customers. This robust tracking software has now been bundled and made available as an SDK.

The multi-patented GestPoint Maestro3D software functions with all the available 3D cameras on the market including Microsoft's Kinect. The SDK package has a number of tracking paradigms as well as a gesture library to allow for the variety of ways that an interactive 3D gesture system can be used in both public and private spaces.

The Maestro3D Hand Tracker is for specific point and control scenarios in public digital signage, boardroom or classroom presentation, etc. It allows the developer to quickly and simply create a fixed 3D tracking area of any size, in free space, and choose precisely where that tracking area will be positioned in front of the screen or camera, with pixel accuracy. It will track the (x,y,z) position of up to 10 hands that enter that space in real time. This allows for Multi-user 3D tracking applications to optimize interaction in high traffic environments.

The Maestro3D Hand Tracker interface allows you to control everything from the Desktop, to onscreen objects, cursor control, or navigation, by tracking hand gestures in a configurable region in front of any screen. The tracking distance can be as great as 10 feet from the screen. Other 3D gesture tracking systems that have appeared on the market require the user to stand still for a given amount of time in a certain position in order to "register" the user to be tracked. Maestro3D does not require this, and responds instantly when users point towards the screen in a digital signage environment.

The Maestro3D Multi-Tracker detects multiple data points on the user's body (head, torso and hands) enabling more dynamic 3D gesture tracking as well as the creation of Immersive full-body representations, and aspects of avatar control. The system comes with a dynamic library of gestures that includes recognizing circles and swipes gestures, and supports multitouch activities such as scrolling, enlarging, or rotating items. This tracker connects directly to Adobe Flash and provides other interfaces for a variety of programmer models.

The GestPoint Maestro3D SDK enables any developer to create their own interactive applications for touch-less control of displays, digital signage and consumer electronic devices.

Applications can be deployed on multiple development and OEM platforms, including PCs, laptops, digital signage, interactive display screens, interactive kiosks and interactive store windows. Operating systems supported include Windows® XP and Windows® 7. GestureTek has already licensed its video gesture control technology/patent to Microsoft for the XBOX and to Sony for the PlayStation.

"3D gesture tracking is an entertaining, attention-grabbing and user-friendly display interface technology that can be used for interactive games and entertainment, retail advertising, digital signage, information delivery, educational installations in museum and science centers, promotional exhibits, way finding, and even boardroom or classroom presentations," says Vincent John Vincent, President and Co-Founder, GestureTek Inc. "There are many other specialized uses for 3D depth sensing interaction where no-touch control is considered a benefit, such as surgery rooms, clean rooms, automotive accessories, fitness centers and 3D vision control applications for the disabled."

GestureTek provides custom development for clients where multiple 3D tracking cameras, can also be configured to create a unique, engaging large-format interactive experience. GestureTek recently installed a large-format 3D vision attraction for the Space Fantasy ride at Universal Studios Japan, in which up to 40 guests could use movements and gestures to interact with space fairies on an 85-foot "Harmony Wall".

"GestureTek's 2D and 3D gesture based systems are the inspiration for the technology behind Microsoft Kinect," says Vincent John Vincent, President and Co-Founder, GestureTek Inc. "With the launch of GestPoint Maestro3D, we want to bring 3D tracking out of the pure gaming market and into the international commercial display market."

Examples of custom 3D depth sensing installations using GestureTek

Maestro3D Hand Tracker and Multi Tracker Videos:

Beijing Olympics 3D hand tracking interactive flight simulator:

Universal Studios Japan 3D depth sensing interactive attraction:

Maestro3D being used to control PowerPoint in complete TedX Talk:


GestureTek®, founded in 1986, is the inventor and pioneer in computer vision control and gesture recognition systems for presentation, information and entertainment systems. We dramatically improve the user experience with intelligent devices by revolutionizing the interface to information and interactive media. With patented single camera, multiple camera and 3D-vision solutions, GestureTek's video gesture control technology lets people use hand and body motions to control dynamic computer content on any screen, interactive surface or camera-enabled device – with no need to wear, hold or touch anything special. GestureTek also offers immersive and multi-touch gesture-based products. In the past 25 years, GestureTek has delivered over 5,000 interactive solutions for location-based entertainment facilities, public spaces, corporate locations, retail stores, hospitality venues, device manufacturers and game developers. Selected customers and licensees include Panasonic, Microsoft, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Nokia, IBM, DoCoMo, and Intel. The company has offices in Sunnyvale, California; Toronto and Ottawa, Canada; and Asia. Learn more at or call (800) 315-1189 or (416) 340-9290.

Contact: Vincent John Vincent, GestureTek, 416-340-9290 x 222

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GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S. patents include: 5,534,917 (Video Gesture Control Motion Detection);
7,058,204 (Multiple Camera Control System, Point to Control Base Patent); 7,421,093 (Multiple Camera Tracking System for Interfacing With an Application);
7,227,526 (Stereo Camera Control, 3D-Vision Image Control System); 7,379,563 (Two Handed Movement Tracker Tracking Bi-Manual Movements);
7,379,566 (Optical Flow-Based Tilt Sensor For Phone Tilt Control); 7,389,591 (Phone Tilt for Typing & Menus/Orientation-Sensitive Signal Output);
7,430,312 (Five Camera 3D Face Capture).

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