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Autumn 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 2
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Multi-touch Surface Computing
ScreenXtreme Gets Even Better!
Ripley's Virtual Music Room
AirTrack Hand-tracking Unit
ScreenXtreme Markets Gilette
Vulcan Space Adventure
Dublin Mall Interactive Retail Signs
Virtual Safari in South Dakota
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GestureTek, world leader in gesture-recognition technology, multi-touch surface computing and full-body immersive experiences, continues to innovate.  In the past three months we've launched three revolutionary new products.  Read on for more details on these and other exciting client projects.

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GestureTek's multi-touch surface computing solutions just got better!  Get multi-touch interactivity anywhere!
Cisco systems installationFirst we delivered a way-finding table for the Samsung building in New York City.  Next we helped create the world's largest multi-touch interactive table for the Eureka tower in Melbourne. We then brought a turnkey multi-touch surface computing table to market.  Now, GestureTek can deliver multi-touch surface computing not only on tables, but also on panels, kiosks, counters and bar tops.  Cisco is just the latest company to use our breathtaking Illuminate Displays.
Screen Xtreme immersive, interactive digital signage system now available as a single window on any existing digital sign
Screen Xtreme with ActiveXScreen Xtreme is a powerful tool for entertainment and brand promotion.  It magically captures your customer's real-time image on any size screen, where they can see themselves transform the display's background, images and special effects.  Screen Xtreme now comes either turnkey or as a single window on your existing digital signage solution.
View Screen Xtreme video.  View ActiveX demo.  View ActiveX news release.
Check out how MonsterMedia used Screen Xtreme in an airport installation!
GestureTek creates an immersive virtual music room for Ripley's Museum
Ripley's Music room 
Ripley's Museums often use GestureTek to add visual appeal, immersive interactivity and touch-free control to their exhibits.  Most recently, GestureTek created a 'Virtual Music Room' for the Ripley's Times Square location.  Visitors' real-time images magically appear on a screen, where they see themselves creating and controlling their own virtual symphony - simply by gesturing with their hands in free space.
View ScreenXtreme web page. View Gesture Xtreme video.
Read Ripley's business case.

Tiny AirTrack tracking unit makes big impression in public exhibits, showrooms, boardrooms & presentation centers
AirTrack touchbar demo shotGestureTek's revolutionary portable AirTrack System lets you control a computer or display from any distance simply by gesturing in free space.  Your hand is the mouse as you navigate dynamic multi-media content. It's compact and pre-configured for instant set-up anywhere. Orders are pouring in from businesses worldwide, including oil and gas company Shell Group.
View AirTrack video. 
Screen Xtreme immerses women into a sunny beach scene for Venus Breeze razors
Venus Breeze installation When Gillette wanted to spice up their promotional tour for Venus Breeze razors, their marketing agency used GestureTek's unique Screen Xtreme immersive interactive media system. Women were transported into a soothing beach scene, where they could move their hands to manipulate floating flowers, water and even the Breeze logo.
View Screen Xtreme video. Read Venus Breeze business case.

Space-age technology delivers 'out-of-this-world' experience to Vulcan Space Adventure visitors
Beam us up! The 'Vulcan Space Adventure' in Alberta, Canada, used GestureTek's patented body tracking software to create a thrilling immersive virtual space adventure.  Our revolutionary HoloTrack Frame hand tracking system provided a futuristic interface to the immersive experience.
View GestTrack video. View Gesture Xtreme video. 
Visit the Vulcan Space Adventure. Read Vulcan business case.
Dublin's Charleston Mall boasts one of world's largest interactive retail signage systems
GestureTek's powerful Screen FX visual display system in Dublin's Charleston Mall lets shoppers create dazzling special effects by moving their hands and body. Dynamic images are projected onto a larger-than-life 103" Panasonic screen. As well, mall entrances now have eye-catching Ground FX floor displays. Multi-media content can be changed on the fly. For example, at Hallowe'en, content may feature creepy virtual bugs that scatter when you step on them!
View GestureFX video.
Swedish American Hospital uses GestureTek Illuminate system to display 'Healthy Heart' interactive guide
Swedish American Hospital: Healthy HeartThe Swedish American Hospital used GestureTek technology to present an innovative interactive medical information display.  The engaging 'Healthy Heart' interactive guide entices visitors to learn more in a fun and entertaining way.
Read more about the GestTrack Touch Window solution. 
View Illuminate Display video.
Kids take a 'virtual safari' at South Dakota's Great Plains Zoo
Great Plains Zoo GestureTek's stunning Ground FX visual display system lets zoo guests swim with alligators, scare a pool of tropical fish and even roam with the red wolves.
View GestureFX video. Read Great Plains Zoo business case.

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