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Autumn 2008
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GestureTek Wins Export Success Award
ScreenXtreme Interactive Jungle Wall at St Christopher's Hospital
GestureTek Grows a Magic Garden at Powerhouse Museum
Overwhelming Response to Illuminate Multi-Touch!
Clients Are All Over The Cube!
Retail Promotions WOW Customers with GroundFX
Great Lakes Children's Museum Edutains with GroundFX
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Dear Valued Contact,

Organizations in all sectors are increasingly turning to gesture-controlled interactivity to deliver more engaging customer experiences and more impactful advertising, promotions and corporate branding. Yet in today's challenging economic climate, budget control is critical.  GestureTek continues to offer exciting options for you to leverage our transformational technology, while still keeping efficiencies in mind.
We've launched The Cube, a turnkey, 'plug and play' interactive display unit that brings the power of gesture control to nearly any space at a fraction of the cost of a component system and without the need for technical support.  Plus, our full library of over 70 dazzling special effects for audio visual and animation now comes included with every GestureTek interactive display solution.  Applications come pre-programmed, yet simple instruction manuals enable you to to do basic customization yourself. This can save you big money on content development.  
Wth more than 4000 screens deployed, GestureTek is the natural choice to show you how gesture control can build your business or bump up the wow factor on your next project. Please contact us today.
Yours truly,
Vincent John Vincent
GestureTek Inc.
tel. +1 416 340 9290 x239
GestureTek Wins Export Success Award for Global Multi-Touch Sales
GestureTek is recognised by Ontario Goverment as a Leading Exporter!GestureTek is the proud recipient of the 2008 Ontario Business Achievement Award (OBAA) and Ontario Global Traders Award (OGTA).  We won a bronze award in the category of Innovation for our breakthrough multi-touch surface computing technology. OBAA and OGTA recognize leading-edge companies whose innovations are succeeding in export markets. GestureTek was praised for doing brisk business in international markets such as Europe, Australia, South America and the Middle East, and for investing aggressively in research and development.  GestureTek has also been named as a finalist in the Retail Business Awards and the Mobile Entertainment Awards:  winners to be announced soon! 
Read More About The Award. Read More About Multi-Touch.
ScreenXtreme 'Interactive Jungle Wall' Delights Visitors to St Christopher's Hospital for Children
Climb the Interactive Jungle Wall!GestureTek and audio visual developers FX2Impress built a one-of-a-kind interactive wall using four 40" diagonal screens to create an exciting virtual jungle world, complete with spectacular imagery, sound effects and GestureTek's ScreenXtreme® immersive tracking solution.  Screen Xtreme is GestureTek's interactive digital signage technology that uses patented body tracking software to capture the real-time video image of people and display them onscreen.  At St Christopher's Hospital, ScreenXtreme puts kids right into the middle of a virtual jungle world, where they can control elements of the scene just by making simple hand and body motions.
Read more about St. Christopher's.  Learn more about ScreenXtreme
Surface Computing Innovations for Interactive Playhouse 
 Australian Kids explore the Magic Garden!
Vizi New Media uses GestureTek proven video gesture control software to power a magical interactive playhouse at the Powerhouse, Sydney's largest public museum.  The Magic Garden is a thrilling array of nine eye-popping interactive displays about health and fitness that is built into tables, floors, walls and screens.  The interactive attraction provides an 'edutainment' experience, where kids can play in a virtual pumpkin patch, chase fish in a virtual pond, feast at a virtual picnic table, and even catch virtual butterflies.  Intelligent gesture recognition software tracks hand and full body motion, responding with real-time changes to the onscreen multi-media content. The result is a lifelike immersive 3D interactive experience where the child has full power over cause and effect. 
Read more about the Magic Garden. Read more about GestureFX.
Client Roster Grows for GestureTek's Multi-Touch Surfaces
GestureFX offers the WOW factor in promotions & advertising!Since announcing enhancements to our multi-touch solutions this summer, so many businesses want GestureTek's multi-touch tables and vertical multi-touch surfaces that our team is working double time to keep up with demand!  Customers love the fact that our multi-touch surfaces now come with GestureTek's full library of spectacular audio-visual and animation special effects.  Our technology's robustness, stability and resilience in challenging environments is also appreciated by our customers. Join the ever-growing list of organizations worldwide who are turning to GestureTek's multi-touch solutions, including NASA; Telefonica; General Dynamics; Vizi New Media; The Kuwait Sports Museum; Foresee; Grupo Atrae; Canadian Press; Nyherji;  Paradigm AV Ltd.; MTC Arscenique; Sandia National Labs; I-konMeedia; Home Run and i3D Sp. z.o.
New Cube Plug N Play Interactive Display Unit Generates Customer Inquiries
The exciting new GestureFX plug & play solution!GestureTek's new turnkey plug 'n play interactive display system for advertising and entertainment was a big hit at the IAAPA show (International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions).  Sales inquiries are coming from organizations in a diverse array of sectors, from retail franchises, big box stores, fast food chains,  special event firms, and multi-media designers and display builders. The portable Cube unit brings gesture control to any display space, enabling customers to display engaging interactive content on an 80" diagonal display virtually anywhere. Best of all, it's so simple it requires no technician to install. A library of special effects applications comes included with the system.  Alternatively, a simple instruction manual makes it easy for customers to deploy their own simple content changes. As always, our team of designers and developers can create custom content. 
Learn more about The Cube.  See The Cube Video.
GestureFX Breathes New Life Into Retail Promotions, Interactive Games and Supermarket Aisles 
GestureTek may be blazing trails in the brave new worlds of multi-touch, immersion, 3D tracking and mobile technology, yet our proven family of GestureFX interactive projection systems for floors, walls, tables and storefront windows continues to be used in fun and exciting new ways by clients and resellers all over the world.  It's great for advertising and entertainment. 
Stringnet Multimedia makes a GestureFX supermarket aisle.
Trinanda Media puts hip hop dancers onto an interactive floor at local promotion. 
Cool Ground FX Golf Demo proves that any surface can be turned into a gaming centre!  
GestureFX powers amazing interactive round Star Table game.
Read more about the GestureFX family of interactive display systems for walls, tables, and even storefront windows!  Read more about GestureTek's retail successes.  

GestureFX Interactive Display 'Edutains' Kids at Great Lakes Children's Museum
GestureTek's GestureFX video display technology powers the breakthrough 'Listening To The River' (LTTR) interactive experience at the Great Lakes Children's Museum.  The display is a creative blend of immersive themed attraction design and children's museum science-based content.  The brainchild of attraction developer Matthew Martin DesignWorks, it successfully leverages GestureTek's cutting edge technology to create a museum exhibit that merges the virtual with the real. 
Read the Listening To The River business case.  See our best museum successes.  
Thanks for reading!
Vincent John Vincent
President & Co-Founder
GestureTek, Inc
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