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Autumn 2009    
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Multi-Touch Boosts Trade Show Traffic
The Cube Interactive Floor is Even Better!
Hugo Boss: ScreenFX Perfect in Retail Malls
Multi-Touch Tables Bring the Past to Life
Corpbanca Banks on Interactive Technology
GestureTek on New Sony Ericsson Phone
GestureTek is the Winner Again!
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Dear Reader,

2009 has been an exciting year for GestureTek.  More advertisers are turning to our location-based experiential marketing tools as they recognize their effectiveness compared to other media. With our newest version of The Cube portable plug and play advertising display system now in production, we think back on its launch a year ago. We thank the valuable feedback of our loyal customers for The Cube's success in setting the standard for interactive plug and play technology.  
Gestural interface for computer human interaction makes sense from a design, usability and business perspective. Advertising agencies, digital signage networks, retail stores, design firms, exhibit fabricators, financial service companies, audio visual experts, application developers and equipment manufacturers are turning to GestureTek to add a new dimension of interactivity to the customer experience.  
Here's what just a few of our customers are doing!  Call GestureTek any time to find out more about what we can do for you. 
Erol Vekil
Sales Director
GestureTek, Inc.
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Breaking News!  GestureTek Honoured with DIGI Award
3D depth-sensing in actionDigital Signage Weekly has honoured GestureTek once again in their Annual DIGI Awards.  The DIGI Awards recognise companies in the digital signage industry who go the extra mile to ensure success for their clients and further the industry as a whole.  GestureTek won in the category of Best New Generation Display Device, for a 3D depth-sensing interactive digital sign with phone interactivity, on behalf of Sprint.  GestureTek's last DIGI was only two years ago, in the field of Education and Healthcare Applications, for our interactive entertainment installation at Next Generation Pediatrics.
Read more on Sprint 3D Depth-sensing Signage. Read more on the DIGI Awards
Multi-Touch Tables/Walls Boost Trade Show Traffic for Medtronic
eye-catching Hugo Boss interactive windowDelphi Productions and ICON Exhibits created an innovative multi-touch trade show exhibit for medical technology company Medtronic.  The exhibit featured four GestureTek interactive multi-touch tables and a 16' x 5' vertical multi-touch screen that allowed simultaneous interaction for as many as 16 users.

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Introducing The New and Improved Cube™ Plug And Play Interactive Floor!
Introducing The Cube!The Cube, our turnkey, portable, plug and play interactive advertising display system is better than ever.  As part of our commitment to quality, The Cube is TUV, CE, CSA and EMI certified, and manufactured in an ISO-certified production facility.  Our control panel is becoming more and more sophisticated, enabling users to change their own backgrounds and special effects with a simple click of the mouse. It's as simple as dropping a file into a folder. Extra-heavy-duty clamps, custom panels for easy filter replacement and an automatic shutoff system for extra safety round out the hardware refinements. Prefer a wall image?  No problem.  Advertising can now be displayed on either horizontal or vertical surfaces, simply by changing the position of The Cube.  And don't forget - The Cube now has the ability to be linked to a server, making it possible to retrieve user metrics and system information. 
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Hugo Boss Uses GestureTek ScreenFX® for Retail Mall Advertising
eye-catching Hugo Boss interactive windowGestureTek's Brazilian strategic dealer, Trinanda Media, has launched an exciting gesture-controlled screen advertising campaign for Hugo Boss in four São Paulo retail malls.  Using GestureTek's ScreenFX technology, the interactive digital signage system displays engaging multi-media content that responds directly to the movement of passers-by with dazzling changes to the images and special effects. 
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Multi-Touch Tables Transform the Visitor Experience at Historic Site
Explore Canada's Parks!Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, uses GestureTek's interactive multi-touch table to share multi-media information about the site in a more interesting, entertaining, memorable way. The Illuminate Tables serve to draw more people into a largescale diorama, and Parks Canada has already found that people respond more enthusiastically to this sort of gesture-driven interactivity on a visual screen as they access photos, text, and short videos organized around four main themes.
Read more on Parks Canada.  Read more on Multi-Touch Table.  Read more on Museum Market Uses.

Venezuela's Corpbanca Uses GestureTek for Banking Promotions
GestureTek's Venezuelan strategic dealer GestoTek was recently called upon by financial client Corpbanca to create a head-turning interactive advertising display.  GestoTek selected three separate GestureTek products to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising and help promote the bank's American Express card in a high-traffic mall in Caracas.  A ScreenXtreme interactive window featured constantly changing American Express content.  Corpbanca also used ScreenFX and The Cube for in-branch promotions to engage customers with the brand.
Read more about Corpbanca.  Read more about ScreenXtreme.  Read more about The Cube.  Read more about ScreenFX. 

GestureTek Optical Tracker Powers Sony Ericsson Yari Gesture Control Phone
Sony's new Yari mobile!GestureTek's patented EyeMobile software is now used in Sony Ericsson's Yari mobile phone. Our gesture control mobile user interface already enables motion-control games and applications on over 100 million mobile devices worldwide. Users can scroll, pan, zoom, shuffle and turn pages without having to touch the screen. Other applications that can be made gestural include web browsing, image view, map navigation and text messaging.  All kinds of game/application developers, equipment manufacturers and carriers have turned to EyeMobile. Similar gestural interface solutions are moving to laptops, consoles, PCs and set top boxes.
See the Yari video.  Read more on Sony Yari.  Read more on GestureTek Mobile.  Read more on Telecom Market Uses.
More Award Honours to GestureTek
GestureTek logoGestureTek continues to win accolades for innovative technology solutions that can add real value to our clients' business. We took finalist honors at the 2009 TV Innovation Awards for our 3D tracking technology, currently being used in Hitachi's gesture control TV prototype.  The Cube portable interactive floor was also selected as a Best Product finalist in the Golden Mousetrap Awards sponsored by Design News Magazine. 
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