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CIX Selects GestureTek as One of Canada's Most Innovative Companies

Retail Interactive Technology Drives ROI for Clearwire, Old Navy & Others

See P&G's Sensory Interactive Store

Telefonica Innovates with GestureTek Multi-Touch Tables

ScreenXtreme Sells LG in Mexico

IREX Showcased on "The Doctors"

Our Newest Software Updates Here

GestTrack3D Control Turns Heads at Intel Developer Forum

GestureTek Heats up Ice Age Exhibit

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GestureTek Summer 2010 Newsletter

Today's exhibitors, retailers and advertisers crave ROI-based interactive innovations. Whether it's to push out advertising content across multiple locations, enhance the user experience or shorten the consumer purchase cycle, interactive technology can strengthen the brand and drive sales.

Large-scale multi-touch public displays that enable a personalized, multi-user experience are popular today in high-traffic locations. But what's next after multi-touch? At GestureTek, we believe the answer lies in a 3D vision tracking control interface. Thanks to the launch of Microsoft's Kinect 3D camera for the XBOX 360, people have begun to see the power of off-screen interaction in the game world. It won't be long before the same form of touch-free control from a distance gains acceptance on other consumer devices and in the public digital signage space.

GestureTek has integrated 3D depth-sensing technology into countless custom projects and installations, including for Hitachi, Sprint and Universal Studios Japan. Now, we're ready to roll out our first 3D vision product, GestTrack3D. This state-of-the-art system comes with a 3D camera, computer and SDK that makes the (x,y,z) position of up to 10 hands available in real-time. Two trackers enable off-screen control from a distance on nearly any display, screen or device. The hands tracker drives mouse control on Windows-based applications. The four-point tracker (which tracks head, torso and hands) recognizes more complex gestures.

Ask us about our many other recent innovations, including our new network system monitor, our multi-camera/multi-projector configuration options, and our new touch foil solution that's just around the corner combining point-based, immersive and gestural interface. If you're an advertiser, exhibitor or hardware manufacturer, you owe it to yourself to call us and find out more.

Vincent John Vincent

President & co-Founder
GestureTek Inc.
sales@gesturetek.com [mailto:sales@gesturetek.com]



Breaking News! GestureTek is honoured to have been nominated as one of Canada's Hottest Innovative Companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, or CIX. Hundreds of the most innovative companies enter every year from the fields of information & communication technology, digital media, and clean technology and this year GestureTek is one of twenty-five finalists, with winners to be announced at the CIX's annual conference in Toronto this December.


Read more on the Space Fantasy Ride.
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Gesture Control Transforms Retail Experience in Telefónica, Clearwire and Old Navy Stores

The Cube at Discovery Zone The goal of every retailer is to get more customers in the door, keep them in the store longer, and equip them with the information and inspiration they need to open their wallets. Retailers like Sprint, Hugo Boss, Clearwire, Old Navy, Sony, Cingular AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Sears, Target, Samsung, Children's Place, Virgin Megastores, Telefónica, Hudson's Bay Company, Bikini Village and many more stores are all turning to GestureTek's interactive retail display technology to transform the in-store experience, put the power of advertising content into the hands of shoppers, and create a lasting customer connection. The possibilities that gesture control technology can offer are endless, particularly with practical advertising applications like way-finding, mobile device interaction, product research, contest and promotion management, controlling in-store traffic patterns and customer transaction management.

Read more on Old Navy and Clearwire installations . Read about more of our retail use cases. Read about GestDisplay vertical multi-touch unit for retail & public spaces.

Bright Lights, Big Display for Sun Life Financial

Shanghai Expo AirTrackOur interactive floor technology was featured in a public multimedia display for financial services provider Sun Life. The display recounted the company's 140-year history while simultaneously positioning it as a dynamic, modern and innovative player whose people embrace the future. The campaign supported and reinforced Sun
Life's successful advertising campaign "Life's brighter under the sun," featuring the company's trademark identifier the "whimsical sun." A survey done by Sun Life found that 80% of users expressed interest in visiting Sun Life's website to learn more after interacting with the interactive display.
Read the Sun Life case study. Read about more of our advertising use cases. Read more on GestFX.

Gesture-driven Interactive Windows and Floors the Centerpiece of P&G Concept Store Launches in São Paulo

Google & WallFXProcter & Gamble celebrated 22 years of success in Brazil with the launch of P&G 5D Experience, a new concept store where people are invited to interact with and
experience P&G's products using sensory experimentation focused on the five senses. GestureTek's interactive window display technology and projection-based gesture-control interactive floor systems were key to the visitor experience.

Read more on 
Proctor & Gamble case study. Read more on GestFX.

Multi-touch Table Touches Down in Colombia for Telefónica

Battery Energy WallFXIn the Colombian cities of Calie and Cartagena, GestureTek's multi-touch table helped advance Telefónica's position as a technology innovator among Colombia's business elite. The technology of choice was GestureTek's Illuminate projection-based multi-touch table. GestureTek also offers a high-definition LCD multi-touch display solution in the form of a turnkey table, and a shallow, modular 9" panel that can be wall-mounted and interconnected for seamless interactivity across multiple screens. Notable features include the ability to track a virtually unlimited number of points, ultra-fast response time with multiple cameras running at 100fps, a precise and accurate tracker that is reliable even in harsh lighting, and compatibility with MS Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch.
Read more on the Telefónica. Read more on trade show and promotion. Read more on multi-touch tables.

GestureTek's Interactive Display Technologies Sell LG Products in Mexico

LCD Multi-Touch TableLG ushered in a new era of experiential in-store advertising in Mexico with interactive gesture control display technology from GestureTek. Customers in Sears, Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro retail locations in Mexico were treated to a fun and informative point-of-sale interactive display that tested their soccer skills while at the same time offering them the chance to win LG products. Interactivity--particularly immersive interactivity where people see their real-time dynamic video image in the onscreen content--made the promotion more personalized and memorable for shoppers. Read more on the LG case study. Read more on promotion and event use cases. Read more onScreenXtreme immersive digitial signage.

Our Immersive Virtual Reality Therapy System Featured on The Doctors

Farnham Heath End SchoolGestureTek was invited to showcase our IREX interactive rehabilitation and exercise system on the internationally-syndicated consumer health talk show, The Doctors. Also profiled was New York-based Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, one of the many healthcare institutions using GestureTek virtual reality interactive environment
for therapy and rehabilitation. Research has shown that patients receiving treatment for such conditions as stroke, cerebral palsy, autism and traumatic brain injury enjoy improved outcomes in executive functioning, balance, trunk control, mobility and gross and fine motor control when they incorporate video-based interactive sessions using technology such as IREX into their treatment regime rather than relying purely on physical and cognitive therapies.

Read more on IREX. Read more on Immersive Therapy Suite. View The Doctors video.

Newest Upgrades To GestureFX and Illuminate Multi-touch Software Now Available

escambia playgroundThe newest versions of GestureTek's patented optical tracking software--GestureFX 1.7 for gesture control and Illuminate 2.7 for multi-touch control--have just been released. For GestureFX 1.7 customers, a network system monitor, an advertising metrics tracker and edge-blending are all available for purchase as add-on options. What's more, all content created on GFX 1.7 and The Cube v3 portable plug & play interactive floor systems are compatible. This is good news for our customers who have purchased both technologies. Notable in the Illuminate multi-touch upgrade is smoother and more accurate tracking, enabling onscreen objects to be smaller and closer together, and support of Windows 7 HID, allowing for control of programs created in Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Win7 Touch. Optional upgrades to large-scale multi-projector, multi-camera configurations designed for both tables and vertical displays are also available.

Read more on GestureFX. Read more on Illuminate Series.  Read more on LCD multi-touch soltutions.

GestureTek CTO Demonstrates GestTrack3D Control at IDF 2010

Seneca School Sensory RehabilitationGestureTek's CTO and Co-Founder Francis MacDougall appeared at the annual Intel Developer Forum in September, 2010. Francis took the stage as part of the keynote address by Intel CEO Paul Otellini and General Manager, Intel Architecture, David Perlmutter. Intel is always eager to showcase innovative technology using its chips, and GestureTek did not disappoint with this demonstration of our new GestTrack3D depth-sensing technology. "Dadi" Perlmutter noted that this was a perfect example of how more intuitive interfaces will play a key role in transforming technology in the near future.


View Francis' IDF demo. Read more about GestTrack3D depth-sensing.

Hot Technologies Bring Ice Age to Life at Chihuahua Museum

Beth AbrahamMexico's Chihuahua Museum chose The Cube portable turnkey interactive floor and our Illuminate Multi-Touch Tables to showcase interactive multimedia imagery and
information about the woolly mammoth, saber-toothed tigers and other creatures that roamed the planet during the last Ice Age. Exhibit traffic was far stronger due to the interactive experience offered by the technology, according to the audio-visual integrator responsible for installing the systems.


Read more on the Chihuahua Museum. Read about other museum usecases. Read more on the The Cube.

GestureTek Holds First Webinar for North American Resellers

Beth AbrahamThis past summer marked GestureTek's first foray into leveraging webinars to communicate with our valuable network of current and prospective North American resellers and global strategic dealers. We understand that in-depth two-way communication, education and training are vital to a successful reseller relationship. We expect to conduct more of these sessions in the future, where we plan to share valuable market and product insight with our partners, and also obtain from them valuable information to apply to our own operations.


View our Reseller PowerPoint presentation. View our Dealer Page




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