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 November 2011    

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GestureTek Brings Interactivity to Real Estate Showrooms

GestureTek President a Digital Pioneer

The Cube Wins at InfoComm!

Visit GestureTek's Virtual Fish in North Carolina Aquarium

Adding Interactive Technology To FELT Labs

GestureXtreme A Perennial Favourite in India

GestureTek President Speaks at IdeaCity

GestureTek Delivers Round Multi-touch Table to Australian Dam's Visitors' Centre




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GestureTek November 2011 Newsletter

As the Global Sales Director of GestureTek for 5 years, I am pleased to inform our valued dealers, resellers, end users, and all those who have followed us through all these years, constantly encouraging us and giving us precious feedback and advice, that as we envisioned many years ago, gesture based interactive display technologies are increasingly becoming more integrated into our daily public lives on a worldwide basis. One of the driving forces in the upward trend of using our technologies has been the increasing acknowledgment, by advertisers and corporate marketing executives, of the powerful and positive impact of brand exposure to consumers while they are engaged with our interactive and gesture control displays and systems. We have seen a major adaptation of our plug and play gesture control technologies, especially in retail chains and malls, where the driving force to install our systems has either been to advertise brands and products, or simply to entertain, engage and provide information to the participators. The applications of our technologies, in order to provide brand experience, and attract and engage consumers has been wide reaching in the retail sector such as in fast food chains, apparel, groceries, toys, drug stores, furniture, and mobile phone stores. For environments children frequent, our systems have delivered elements of education combined with entertainment and sheer delight, further bonding the displayed brands with the parents and children.

As a result, we have been expanding and penetrating strongly into the USA and Canadian markets, but additionally, we now have a wide global reach in over 70 countries.


Erol Vekil

Global Sales Director
GestureTek Inc.



GestureTek November Newsletter 2011 When Great Gulf Homes was opening its new show home for a recent development in the Toronto region it turned to Acid Integration for interactive display concepts, an AV integrator who has worked extensively with GestureTek. Acid Integration persuaded Great Gulf Homes that the idea of GestureTek's gesture-tracking displays would make them stand out with unique, engaging, interactive display experiences, as well as allowing their clients to stand at a distance from the large display and easily navigate through layers of 3D home design options using hand gestures. To top off the showroom they added one of GestureTek's interactive floor projection systems to further engage and entertain the visitors. Acid Integration has also recently used GestureTek interactive projection systems for other real estate projects like showrooms for the L Building and One Bloor St developments.

Read more on the GestureFX series. Read more about the Great Gulf Homes installation. Read more about showroom installations.


GestureTek President Inducted as "Digital Pioneer" into Digifest Hall of Fame

Vincent John Vincent at Digifest Digifest is Toronto's International Festival celebrating innovation and digital creativity. This year it took place from 26-30 October and brought together some of the world's best and brightest to showcase next generation digital art and design. Established and emerging designers, technologists, and artists assembled for presentations, incredible demos, interactive exhibitions, and parties. Digifest celebrated the latest achievements in visualization, simulation and interaction in many fields, inspiring and connecting all involved. This year Digifest held a ceremony establishing a Digital Pioneer Hall of Fame, in which each year someone who has significantly contributed to the advancement of Digital Technology and Experiences will be inducted. The first inductee was GestureTek's Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and President, Vincent John Vincent. Vincent has been inventing and pioneering digital technologies and experiences for over 25 years and has been a driving figure in the industry.

View the Digifest Hall of Fame video.

The Cube Wins Best Digital Signage Hardware Product at InfoComm

Shanghai Expo AirTrackGestureTek invented interactive surfaces of all kinds back in 1998, and had installed over 4000 of them around the world when we came up with the idea for The Cube: a turnkey, plug and play, interactive floor/wall projection system that requires no technician for installation or calibration. Simply take The Cube out of the box, plug it in, push the "on" button, and voila, an instant interactive projection that allows your guests to interact and play with beautiful animation, video effects, and games. There are now over 350 Cubes in Old Navy stores in Canada and USA and hundreds of others around the world. The new Cube V4 projects a 90" diagonal, 1200x800 hi-res image on the floor or wall, but can be made to be larger. It comes with 70 applications, but its advanced interface makes it easy to adapt or create your own applications. It's the most sophisticated product of its kind on the market, and because of that it recently won the Best Digital Signage Hardware Product Award at InfoComm 2011, from Rave Publications.

Read more about The Cube. Read Rave's Best of InfoComm awards. View a video of The Cube in action at InfoComm 2011.

North Carolina Aquarium Offers Interaction with "Virtual" Wildlife

North Carolina AquariumGroundFX systems have become a very popular form of interactive exhibit for science centres, museums, and other visitor centres. They have also become very popular for aquariums who create interactive simulations of ponds, rivers, and lakes. GestureTek created a custom mountain pond application for the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Very specific fish common to that area were animated, and visitors stepping onto the interactive "water" would create ripples that made the fish scatter away. This has become a very popular exhibit as children enjoy trying to touch the illusive interactive fish. Because no technology is ever touched, this system can withstand enormous amounts of interactive visitors, with no risk of breaking anything!

Read more
about GestureFX. View a video of the Pine Knoll Shores fish in action. Read more about the North Carolina Aquarium installation.

University of Waterloo FELT Labs Opens with GestureTek Technology

Jamie Evans at FELT LabsMany universities and colleges are trying to help students launch start-up businesses by creating digital media centers to facilitate the development of applications and business models, a project with which GestureTek is honoured to be associated. The University of Waterloo has created what it calls "FELT Labs" for its Research Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP) in co-ordination with Quarry Marketing, and have furnished it with a 60" multi-touch GestDisplay kiosk and The Cube. This is a special honour for GestureTek as co-founders Vincent John Vincent and Francis MacDougall first came up with the idea that would become video gesture control technology while attending the University of Waterloo in the mid-1980's.
Read more on GestDisplay. Read more on The Cube. Read more about FELT Labs in The Record and in The Observer.

GestureXtreme A Perennial Favourite in Indian Science Centres

GestureTek November NewsletterThe National Council of Science of India has been an ongoing GestureTek client for over 12 years. Their mandate is to facilitate the running and development of museums and science centres in India, and to that end GestureTek is called on to deliver a number of GestureXtreme systems throughout India each year. GestureXtreme has become a staple attraction in those facilities, as the public simply loves them: they are always crowded with people jumping in front of the monitors to be immersed on the screen in educational animated worlds and games. The fact that they can get quite active interacting with the animation and sounds but never need to touch anything is great for the facilities as nothing gets broken. GestureTek has delivered well over 40 GestureXtreme systems to the National Council of Science over the years, and in recent years has also been delivering GestureFX systems with much success.

Read more on the GestureXtreme and GestureFX. Read more about the National Council of Science projects.

GestureTek President at IdeaCity: Future Applications of Video Gesture Control

Vincent at Ideacity 2011GestureTek President and co-CEO Vincent John Vincent was honoured to be invited to speak at IdeaCity 2011 in Toronto. Each year this 3-day event brings together the world's top leaders in a vast array of topics to discuss current and future trends. Other speakers this year included Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal and Deepak Chopra. Vincent spoke of his and Francis MacDougall's drive to create a computer interface technology that would help us become more embodied, in the invention of video gesture control back in 1986 and its development since then. Vincent also spoke of how their invention of combining video gesture control with 3D depth cameras since 2000 (the technology now popularized in Kinect) will change the world in the future. IdeaCity is the brainchild of host Moses Znaimer, one of the world's top television & media innovators. Znaimer commissioned GestureTek's first installation back in 1987 and has been a big supporter and advisor to Vincent and MacDougall over the years.

Watch Vincent's lecture at IdeaCity 2011.

GestureTek Delivers Round Multi-touch Table in Australia

Round illuminate tableAs one of the inventors and pioneers of multi-touch technology GestureTek has been delivering multi-touch tables and walls since 2002. Besides having robust standard multi-touch turnkey solutions, one thing that has allowed GestureTek to stand out is the ability to customize solutions of all sizes and shapes with its flexible multi-touch technology, for clients around the world. ZedBuffer is a Melbourne-based new and interactive digital media production company who has worked with GestureTek before, this time the collaborating on a system in the Water for Life exhibition at the Warragamba Dam Visitors' Centre outside of Sydney. They wanted to create an interactive display to engage a large number of visitors interested in the dam and the water catchment, achieved with a custom-developed multi-touch tracking system based on GestureTek's Illuminate series technology. The Drops of Wisdom installation, as the central interactive feature in the exhibit, is a three-metre in diameter, circular interactive table that displays insights into the dam's history as well as contemporary aspects of water usage, conservation, and sustainability. Up to 12 visitors can interact with the circular table at any one time.

Read more about multi-touch tables. Read more about the Warragamba Dam Visitors' Centre project. Watch a video of the Drops of Wisdom installation.




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