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 September 2011    

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When Vincent Met Ted

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GestureTek November 2011 Newsletter

It has been an exciting year for GestureTek. Over 25 years ago Francis MacDougall and I invented Video Gesture Control as a way of immersing a user on the display and allowing them to interact, using their full body, with the animation that surrounded them on the screen. Since then GestureTek Inc. the company we founded has continued to invent, patent and pioneer a vast array of Video Gesture Control technologies and products, and to lead both the digital display/signage industries as well as in consumer and mobile technologies. In 2000 GestureTek invented Video Gesture Control using 3D Depth cameras which today ist he basis of the XBOX Kinect. The era of camera-based Gesture Control which Francis and I foresaw and pioneered is finally upon us. This July Qualcomm Inc. purchased the rights and patents to GestureTek's technologies for the consumer and mobile markets. GestureTek is now solely focused on the digital signage/ public displays and health markets.

This is good news for A/V integrators and those involved with interactive public installations worldwide as GestureTek puts its full focus on those markets. GestureTek continues to deliver products that help amaze and engage users wherever they appear. GestureTek is now not only delivering its NEW, turnkey, 42" multi-touch table, its NEW 60" GestDisplay kiosk, and a major upgrade to its Cube turnkey interactive floor projection system; it has also now rolled out a state-of-the-art 3D vision product GestTrack3D, that can be purchased either as a standalone software SDK working with most 3D depth cameras, or it can be delivered by GestureTek with a 3D camera, computer and SDK.

Ask us about our many other recent innovations. If you're an advertiser, exhibitor or simply looking for a dynamic interactive display, you owe it to yourself to call us and find out more.

Vincent John Vincent

President & co-Founder
GestureTek Inc.



GestureTek November Newsletter 2011 After the overwhelming success of The Cube compact, portable, turnkey plug & play interactive floor system that sits right on the floor, GestureTek has released an upgraded version of the system. The NEW Cube V4 now comes with a higher 1200 X 800 resolution projector, which can run in either a 16:9, or in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. Because of The Cube V4's ultrashort throw lens, the powerful projected image creates an image that is bigger than 90" diagonal (7’ x 5’) when the unit is on the ground.

Even with these new advanced features GestureTek has been able to lower the purchase price on this award winning system that has found a place as digital signage in public space, malls, transportation hubs, retail, corporate showrooms, hospitality facilities, and as interactive displays in location-based entertainment facilities, museums, science centers, exhibitions, tradeshows, and even special event rentals. The system now comes with over 50 different high resolution interactive applications that the client can use to arrange their own play lists and/or create their own applications. Clients can also create their own applications from scratch, with the "Dazzler" engine, or get our Flash SDK. GestureTek's award winning content development team can also create them for you. These units are now in stock and shipping.

Read more about The Cube. Read more about special event & trade show usage.


42" LCD Interactive GestTable Now Shipping

Vincent John Vincent at Digifest After the success in creating and pioneering the world of multi-touch tables, walls and kiosks, GestureTek is proud to have begun to deliver its NEW 42" LCD Multi-touch Tables. GestureTek had shown the Alpha version of a 42" table at various tradeshow events earlier in the year to rave reviews. Its new thinner profile, and the ability to have users sit with legs under the table, coupled with its solid and instant tracking of over 32 simultaneous points at the same time makes it perfect for a variety of venues. This table is turnkey, and is ready to go once it is turned on, and does not require a technician to set it up, which makes it perfect for larger roll-outs.

The price for this table is much lower than GestureTek was able to offer in the past with its earlier projector-based multi-touch tables. The 42" GestTable is designed to sit at 32" tall, but the detachable legs can be replaced with other sets to either make it coffee table height or counter-top height. The table comes with a variety of content templates, including the Microsoft Multi-touch application bundle and a unique set of applications created by GestureTek. Also included are the NUI Snowflake Multi-touch demo bundle, way-finding demos, as well as a number of other applications. Many of these applications can be customized by the client or commissioned to be tailored specific to your needs by GestureTek's award winning content development team. These units are now in stock and shipping.

Read more on the GestTable.

GestDisplay a Turnkey Vertical Interactive Success

GestDisplayGestureTek has experienced a great deal of success delivering various configurations of its Illuminate Multi-touch vertical displays varying in size from 36 inches to 50 feet long depending on the client's vision and needs. This flexibility is GestureTek's hallmark asset to A/V integrators around the world. However there is also a huge need for turnkey free standing multi-touch display kiosks, that can be set up easily anywhere in a venue and have a very thin profile. Responding to clients' needs, for this purpose GestureTek has developed the 60" GestDisplay multi-touch unit. The user can manipulate the content with both hands on the surface of the free-standing glass display which seems magically technology-free. Housed inside this turnkey unit is a high resolution projector which projects the imagery produced by its high quality computer onto the glass at 1200 X 800. GestureTek now has these units in stock and shipping.

Read more on GestDisplay. Read more on the Illuminate series.

GestureFX Helps "enSpire" Retail Customers for EnVu

North Carolina AquariumEnVu is a Digital Signage media company, wholly owned by Stratacache. EnVu is building out a digital signage network of interactive floor projection displays, using GestureTek's GestureFX systems. They call their installations "enSpire" systems, starting in major malls across the USA. They are well on their way to completing the installation of up to 200 initial GFX systems. EnVu is able to monitor and update content on these systems on the network from their central control server. This digital signage network has been a success, and a study that enVu recently commissioned from Arbitron found industry high levels of interactivity, and brand memory retention. EnVu also recently signed an agreement with General Growth Properties to expand their network into GGP owned malls.

Read more
about the Arbitron study. View a video of the enSpire in action. Read about the General Growth Properties project.. Read more about GestureFX.

VTS Medical Educates on Long Island with The Cube

Jamie Evans at FELT LabsVTS Medical is an Audio-Visual company specializing in delivering AV integration to healthcare facilities, hospitals and surgical rooms, amongst other vertical markets. GestureTek has been working with them for a number of years now. Recently they used GestureTek's The Cube turnkey interactive projection floor system to provide engaging interactive educational content at the new North Shore LIJ Health System's Citi Field office. Here while taking in a game at the arena people can learn important information about health and safety. On The Cube young users learned about various aspects of road safety, with content created by GestureTek for VTS and their client. VTS was easily able to install the CUBE as there is no need for configuration and is self-contained and instantly functional once it is plugged in.
Read more about North Shore LIJ by VTS Medical and view a video of the installation. Read more on The Cube. Read more about GestureTek Health.

GestureTek Co-Founder Speaks at TedX Waterloo

Vince at TedX WaterlooThis year GestureTek President Vincent John Vincent was invited to be the first speaker at TedX in Waterloo, kicking off a day of exciting speakers and installations for public interaction. Vincent John Vincent and Francis MacDougall are the co-founders of GestureTek and the inventors of Video Gesture Control technology, for which they developed their ideas while attending the University of Waterloo in the mid-1980's. Vincent spoke about the process from which the ideas were born, the progress of inventing multiple forms of video gesture control over the years (from Immersive Video Gesture Control in 1986, to Interactive Surfaces and Multi-touch, to 3D Depth Camera Gesture Control in 2000), pioneering it, evangelizing it, and finally seeing it accepted as the next level of computer interface, and what the future holds. Vincent even used the 3D Depth camera gesture control software GestureTek invented and a Kinect camera to control the entire PowerPoint presentation!

View the Ted-Waterloo lecture on video.

GestureTek's Systems Find Retail Success

Vincent at Ideacity 2011GestureTek has been having a great deal of success with the use of its gesture-controlled display systems in retail locations around the world, including multi-touch tables and Illuminate multi-touch walls for Telefonica telecommunication stores in Spain and South America, 30" & 40" Illuminate multi-touch tables for T-Mobile stores in Germany, over 40 Illuminate style Touch Kiosks for Clearwire Stores, and more.

A number of years ago, when Old Navy began to retrofit their older stores, and began the construction of new stores, they included in that design GestureTek's The Cube turnkey interactive projection floor, functioning as a digital interactive sandbox in the section of the store dedicated to children's clothing. Early tests had proven its ROI as a means of keeping families engaged and in the store longer, contributing to higher sales. GestureTek has recently passed a milestone of having delivered well over 300 Cubes to Old Navy stores throughout North America, and that number continues to grow.

Read more on The Cube. Read more on retail uses.

OCAD U Students Innovate with GestureTek's Cube

Round illuminate tableGestureTek has been working with OCAD U, the Ontario College of Art & Design University, which has worked The Cube into their curriculum for their senior art and design students. Under the guidance of Susanne Stein and the Slab, students not only work on concepts for software applications that can be fun, informative and helpful to various populations, they also design environments and unique ways to integrate The Cube and GestureFX systems into other technologies to enhance people's lives. This year saw many fascinating concepts, including dance training applications, memory domes for seniors to re-visit and explore the past with family members, virtual video conferencing hook-ups between hospitals, homes and schools, and applications to keep pets engaged while they are alone at home. GestureTek looks forward to this continuing relationship.

Read more about The Cube.




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