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L'Oreal uses GestureTek system for launch of their new colour line INOA

GestureTek's GroundFX system stimulating the minds of tomorrow

The Multi-Touch table used as bridal planning directory

Atlanta's Fernbank Museum gets an interactive virtual river thanks to GestureTek


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October 2012

Dear Customers,

I hope our friends and customers around the world are all keeping well.

Welcome to the latest edition of GestureTek's monthly newsletter, designed to keep you informed of the latest developments, and the unique business cases from our world of gesture control technology and interactive displays.

You have probably noticed a lack of newsletters from us over recent months which we apologise for. After the sale of our Consumer and Mobile technology divisions to Qualcomm Corp late in 2011, I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase back the rest of GestureTek, the company I co-founded over 25 years ago. Read the media release.

Our business is now firmly focused on the worlds of leading edge digital signage and interactive displays for a vast array of public, private, and institutional installation markets, but which also includes revolutionary products for rehabilitation and healthcare facilities.

If you are in need of cutting edge gesture controlled interactive display to make your installation or your advertising and marketing efforts stand out from the crowd, we are the leaders in offering both turnkey and custom solutions; so get in touch sales@gesturetek.com.

Thank you,

Vincent John Vincent

Co-Founder & CEO
GestureTek Inc.



GestureTek November Newsletter 2011

Using GestureTek's GestureFX system, Phosphorus Media has been producing a number of interactive runway events for L'Oreal. For one such project, in NYC, Phosphorus Media produced an interactive runway that supported the launch of L'Oreal's new colour line, INOA. The interactive runway moved and reacted as models and guests walked down it revealing colours and messages associated with the brand.

The system worked using a GestureFX multi camera/projector system creating a 33 foot interactive runway, dressed up with flowers that models brushed away with the sweep of their feet as they walked over it.

Phosphorus Media have been working with GestureTek on interactive systems for many years now. They started using GestureTek's systems as a star innovator at Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone. They have gone on to build a strong business out of creating GestureFX installations for a variety of markets. One of their premier clients is L'Oreal.

You can watch this video of the L'Oreal interactive runway in action:

Phosphorus Media - L'Oreal Professionnel INOA Launch from Phosphorus Media on Vimeo.

Read more on the GestureFX series.


GestureTek's GroundFX system stimulating the minds of tomorrow

Vincent John Vincent at Digifest

GestureTek worked with Cineviz, a creative technology company specialising in content creation, design, and experiential technologies, on an exciting project in the USA recently.

Cineviz used GestureTek's GroundFX system in the Betty Brinn Children's Museum as a way of engaging visitors. Utilising GroundFX, a ceiling-mounted floor projection system, they were able to bring a pond to life. The system projected engaging special effects directly onto an interactive pond shaped floor mat framed with stones and other natural material to create an authentic pond.

The interactive pond content was custom created by Cineviz with animated trout, snapping turtles and frogs - native species found in Wisconsin ponds. The result was a completely interactive pond that when a visitor walked across or tapped their feet on the pond, the water and fish responded to their actions.

GroundFX is a multimedia visual display system that projects incredible interactive floor special effects, floor games or floor advertisements directly onto an interactive floor display. You can find out more about GroundFX and how it could work for your company here.

You can check out a video here:

Betty Brinn Children's Museum's Pond in Pocket Park presented by PNC from Cineviz on Vimeo.

The Multi-Touch table used as bridal planning directory

Shanghai Expo AirTrack

Recently GestureTek's Japanese dealer OfficeNet created a bridal planning application using our award winning multi-touch LCD GestTable.

The customised table allows the user to do everything needed to plan their wedding from selecting dresses, venues, decor and music to planning food, floral arrangements, seating placement, and photography shots.

Some cool features of the table which you will see in the video is the ability to push photographs from the table to a wall mounted monitor. You can also draw and annotate on top of layouts like seating plans or dresses to highlight what you like or dislike.

And what makes this application so good is that the information, pictures and videos can be sent to your tablet so you have an interactive wedding booklet to take your entire wedding experience away with you.

The GestTable is a turnkey, portable multi-touch table with a high definition 42" LCD screen. Its award-winning multi-touch technology lets one person or multiple users interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs and view advertising. NASA, the Official New York City Visitor Center and Medtronic are just a few of the renowned organisations who have used our cutting-edge multi-touch technology.

If your organisation or client is interested in finding out more about our GestTable there are more details here or you can email us at sales@gesturetek.com

Check out a video of the table working here:

Atlanta's Fernbank Museum gets an interactive virtual river thanks to GestureTek's GroundFX system

Fernbank Museum

Using two of our Ground FX systems Thinkwell, a creative solutions company, brought to life the Fernbank NatureQuest, a new flagship children's exhibit at Atlanta's Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

The exhibit engages the senses using sound, touch, and sight to immerse kids in a nature-inspired environment representative of the ecosystems of the southeast. Fun and exploratory, the immersive experience combines detailed scenery, projected and interactive media and theatrical effects.

Thinkwell chose GestureTek's GroundFX system to bring the river in the exhibition to life because of the realism of the content, and the interaction it allows makes this technology stand out as a crowd favourite. The Fernbank Museum wanted to enhance the realism of the interactive projected river by using animations of local fish, and by building up low level river banks on the floor of the museum, and projecting into the center of this simulated stream.

To create this GestureTek had to work with Thinkwell to get the mask and design of the projection just right so that it followed the contour of the river bank. There were two installations of GestureTek's GroundFX installed.


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