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New interactive systems and more happy clients from GestureTek

 Spring 2008


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Pepsi discovers GestureTek Motion Control at the Super Bowl

Illuminate Display goes to Montana State University

Canadian Journalists Experience Illuminate Multi-touch Table

Digital Rain falls in Silicon Valley thanks to GestureTek

Illuminate Display wows the Visitors at Icelandic Power Plant

Telus World of Science Edutainment goes Interactive

Intel Centrino Air Hockey Scores In India

Exciting Multi-touch Improvements unveiled at InfoComm


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Spring 2008 has seen GestureTek busier than ever.  Our world-leading multi-touch computing solution for vertical and horizontal surfaces continue to attract worldwide attention. Our ScreenXtreme immersive digital signage solution is a big hit with retailers and advertisers.  And we continue to blaze trails in the field of 3D depth vision.


GestureTek continues to win accolades from awards programs and market leaders.  Recently, we were recognized by the analyst firm Gartner Group as a 'Cool Vendor in Retail.'  We were also named a Top Innovator in the Mobile Innovation Global Awards Competition - Americas Tournament.  Finally, we have been selected as a finalist in the Ontario Global Traders Awards (OGTA), Innovation Category.  The OGTA Innovation Award, sponsored by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, recognizes excellence in applying new or existing technologies to develop new products or improve existing products.  Winners must demonstrate considerable success in international markets.


I encourage you to give GestureTek a call and find out for yourself why GestureTek is the world leader in gesture-driven interfaces for interactive surfaces, signs, displays, devices and games.



Vincent John Vincent

GestureTek Inc.

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GestureTek and Pepsi bring motion control technology to the Super Bowl


Point and click, your hand is the mouse!GestureTek and several partners delivered a crowd-pleasing gesture-controlled interactive gaming system at the Super Bowl to support an exciting Pepsi promotion. Attendees played the game using GestureTek's cool HoloTrack Frame touch-free presentation technology, interacting with dynamic multimedia content by placing their hand inside a control frame and pointing their finger at the menu item they want to select. 


Read Pepsi/Super Bowl case study. View the GestTrack video.


Montana State University Goes High Tech with GestureTek's Iluminate Display 


Interactive surface computing with just a wave!The Montana State Extended University (MSEU) chose GestureTek's cutting-edge Illuminate Display to add high-tech pizzazz to their collaborative multimedia center.  The Illuminate Display is a larger-than-life interactive surface computing panel.  Users access and control dynamic 3D multimedia content by gesturing with their hand before a display screen and holding their finger right in front of an icon to select a menu item. 


Read the MSEU case study. View the Illuminate series video. 


Canadian Journalists get the "Minority Report" Experience with Illuminate Multi-touch Table


Manipulate dynamic digital content with just a gesture! Journalists at a recent Canadian Press Association gala event got to experience first-hand the incredible interactive multi-touch Illuminate Table.  The table was loaded with dynamic multimedia video and images of the most significant news events during the past year.  Users were able to make menu selections by grabbing the icons with their fingertips, or zoom and rotate images by spreading their fingers or dragging their palms along the display surface.


Read the Canadian Press Gala business case. View the Illuminate multi-touch table product video.  


Leading High-Tech Manufacturer Installs Show-stopping Interactive Wall using GestureTek's WallFX Technology

Binary code falls like digital rain!Top Silicon Valley-based branding group Liquid Agency worked with GestureTek on a custom interactive project for a worldwide leader in computer component manufacturing. They turned to GestureTek's WallFX to provide an interactive visual display system using moving binary computer codes falling down the wall, much like the opening sequence of The Matrix.  Viewers approaching this display find the numbers bouncing off their shadows and collecting on their shoulders like rain, for an attention-getting and memorable experience! The exhibit was used in a museum showcasing the company's history.  


Read the Liquid Agency "Digital Rain" business case. View the WallFX video. 


GestureTek's Illuminate Display Powers Icelandic Visitors' Centre

Electrifying displays in Iceland!  

When Sense, one of Iceland's leading IT service providers, partnered with the Hellisheidar Hydrotheremo Power Plant to create a spectacular interactive display for their Visitors' Centre, they turned to GestureTek's Illuminate Display as their blueprint. The result? One of the grandest and most visually appealing surface computing screens in Iceland. A 130-inch panel is built right into the plant's wall, showing off dynamic digital content that multiple users can simultaneously control by simple pointing gestures, with all the technology hidden from view.


Read the Sense business case. View the Illuminate Display video.


GestureTek Creates Interactive "Edutainment" for Telus World of Science - Calgary 


GestureTek's WallFX and GroundFX visual display systems turn ordinary floors and walls into interactive edutainment that spark people's imaginations and inspire learning. Applications for the Telus World of Science - Calgary include an interactive solar system where planetary movement is controlled by the user's body motion, and an interactive entomology display where users can magnify an image of a bug to over 100 times its actual size with the wave of a hand. 


Read Telus World of Science - Calgary case study. View GestureFX video.  



Intel's Interactive Table Game Featuring GestureTek's Motion Control Technology Gets Crowd Powered Up

Intel Centrino multi-touch tableCrowds in malls and trade shows throughout India got all powered up over Intel's new Centrino Duo Processor, thanks to the exciting touch-free 'Intel Centrino Air Hockey' game created by GestureTek and delivered on a custom interactive motion-activated surface computing table. To create even more hype and to capture people's attention, the audio/visual output was sent to multiple LCD screens throughout the premises.  GestureTek's interactive tables can be configured with multitouch interactivity.
Read Intel Centrino business case. View MultiTouch Table video.  


GestureTek unveils Multi-touch Enhancements at InfoComm

Manipulate images and content with fingertips on the Illuminate table!  

"Our recent multi-touch enhancements further strengthen GestureTek's key advantage over other multi-touch providers," says GestureTek's President and Co-Founder Vincent John Vincent, referring to key technological improvements unveiled this week at the InfoComm tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. The multi-touch Illuminate Table is now available turnkey in a variety of sizes, with GestureTek's full library of over 70 captivating special effects.  The technology can now be readily delivered on additional surfaces such as retail windows, multi-touch walls and floors, and even freestanding floor-to-ceiling screens.  Hardware has been further configured for greater performance in varying ambient lighting conditions.


View the InfoComm press release. View the Illuminate series showcase video. 


Thanks for reading!!


Vincent John Vincent

President & Co-Founder

GestureTek, Inc





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