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New Retail & Museum Installations with 3D Tracking, Vertical Multi-Touch & More!
 Spring 2009
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Sprint Installs Digital Signage With GestureTek 3D Depth Sensing
Visit Prehistoric Times With Museum's Interactive 3D Game
Research Proves Interactive Technology Boosts Ad Results
"Coraline" Spooks Passers-by on Interactive Windows
The Cube Attracts Sears & Old Navy
Fanta PlayPuddles Make a Splash
Interactive Wall Showcases New Products at NAFEM
Multi-Touch Goes Vertical in Interactive Store Windows
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Tell us about your best GestureTek installation or application and we might spotlight you in our marketing!  How has our technology increased your sales, consumer traffic, brand awareness or sales productivity? Tell us more here!
Gesture control for interactive advertising and marketing has really taken off.  With businesses competing like never before for consumers' share of mind and wallet, organizations are turning to experiential technologies that engage and entertain in new and unique ways. This newsletter showcases the latest interactive display innovations for advertising, promotion, branding and entertainment - all from GestureTek.
You owe it to yourself to call GestureTek if you're considering:
· adding gesture-based interactivity to any floor, wall, window, counter, bar top, screen or digital sign.
· leveraging new technologies like 3D tracking, multi-touch and immersion in your interactive solutions.
· providing Wii-like entertainment and adventure experiences without the need for peripheral hardware.
· licensing gesture control patents and technologies for use on consumer electronics devices and platforms.
· building a no-touch interface to replace the mouse, keyboard or touch screen in corporate showrooms, boardrooms or presentation centers.
Our CTO Frances MacDougall spoke at The D Conference (All Things Digital) in southern California this May, which just goes to show that GestureTek continues to be recognised as a leader in the field of interactive technology.  As always, I encourage you to contact GestureTek to find out how these new technologies can help build your brand, increase your business and drive long-term sales.
Vincent John Vincent
President & co-Founder 
GestureTek, Inc.
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BREAKING NEWS! GestureTek a Finalist in RealComm Digie Awards
are you ready to book your condo viewing?GestureTek has been named as a finalist in the RealComm 2009 Digie Awards, in the category of Best General Use of Technology. GestureTek was nominated for use in a talking billboard for the Evo condominium development in Los Angeles, designed by theLIFT, as profiled in our last newsletter. RealComm is dedicated to building bridges between technology and commercial and corporate real estate. The winners of the RealComm Digie Awards will be selected on June 23 in Chicago at the Hyatt Recency Hotel.  Wish us luck!
 Read about Evo by theLIFT.
GestureTek Launches 3D Tracking Interactive Digital Signs for Sprint
3D depth-sensing in actionGestureTek's cutting-edge 3D depth sensing software for Sprint's new digital signage is the latest success as we kick the launch of our patented 3D tracking and control offering into high gear. Sprint's 3D depth sensing interactive display screen with mobile phone connectivity, tracks people's position and responds by sending a Sprint call to action with a phone number that follows them the entire length of the interactive billboard.  The interactive display invites users to create their own personalized interactive wall art by calling Sprint on their mobile phone. This state-of-the-art interactive billboard is a creation of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.  Sprint and its agency join other renowned users of GestureTek's 3D vision control system, including Hitachi and the B.C. Olympic Secretariat.  
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3D Visualization Interactive Game Transports You to Dinosaur Times
It's 10,000 BC!!Visitors to Gondwana - Das Praehistorium in Schiffweiler, Germany,
are the latest to enjoy GestureTek's GestureXtreme no-touch, gesture control interactive virtual reality game system with full body tracking.  People are transformed into ancient pterosaurs or giant dragonflies in this "Wii-like" experiential game that lets users compete against each other for survival as they hunt for food and defend against predators. Flap your arms to fly, gaining speed and altitude as you flap harder. Lean to the right or left to navigate, and crouch down to dive for fish. Museums and science centers love GestureXtreme because it brings complex phenomena and historic events to life in an engaging and entertaining way. Tourist attractions and location-based entertainment facilities also appreciate its sheer entertainment value. The GestureXtreme system beats Wii hands-down for authentic imagery, accurate tracking and minimal hardware maintenance (there are no peripheral interface devices to lose or break!)
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Research Proves Interactivity Boosts Advertising Effectiveness
If you care about the return on your interactive digital signage investment - here's good news!  Interactive advertising displays, especially systems with gesture-based interfaces, significantly enhance the consumer experience and boost advertising recall and intent to purchase. The proof is in the data:  ninety per cent of consumers recall digital screen ads (OOH Metrics).  Digital signage doubles brand awareness and increases sales volumes by one-third (InfoTrends). Seventy per cent of consumers are keen to interact with gesture-based mall displays (Arbitron, for GestureTek licensee Reactrix). Nearly two-thirds of consumers say digital signage advertising catches their attention, beating every medium but television.
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Interactive Gesture Control Window Promotes Horror Flick Coraline
3D hand-tracker for BC ExplorerInwindow Outdoor (inwindowoutdoor.com), specialist in window 'storescapes' for advertising, has again used GestureTek's gesture control technology to promote the animated stop-motion horror fantasy film, Coraline. This EYE-POPPING promotional campaign used a variety of technologies, including video, audio, gesture, holograms and augmented reality. Check out this scary motion-detecting 'billboard' where passers-by use body movements to interact with the advertising content. Users even get to see a spooky image of themselves on the window.  GestureTek has worked with digital signage providers such as DynaMedia, Pattison Outdoor, Monster Media and others to add gesture control to their offerings and help them get maximum payback from their investment in gesture control technology.
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The Cube's First Production Run Sells Out! Attracts Tier 1 Retailers!
playing with the cubeThe hard launch of the new and improved Cube turnkey interactive projection display system in a box was such a success that the first production run sold out in a matter of hours. Businesses such as Sears, American Family Insurance, Old Navy, IBM, Diageo, Cineviz and others were interested in the Cube because they enjoy all the promotional benefits of a traditional large-scale interactive digital signage system without the accompanying financial, real estate and technology commitments. The flexibility of the Cube is unparalleled, allowing advertisers to promote their brand and products in virtually any space of any size.  What's more,  it's light enough to be moved from store to store or show to show.  Flexible and effective!  
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Mall Visitors Love Fanta "PlayPuddles" Interactive Advertising Floor with Sound Effects
When the Coca-Cola Company, Pattison Outdoor and Taxi 2 Advertising chose GestureTek's GroundFX interactive digital signage advertising system with gesture control technology to promote their Fanta brand of soft drinks, the result was a motion-detecting interactive floor with eye-popping visuals and accompanying sound effects that delivered the high impact response that they were looking for. The Fanta 'PlayPuddle' display features a 16 square foot dynamic image of a giant Fanta bottle on the floor.  Visitors who step on the floor display are dazzled by dynamic image changes, bubbles flowing from the pop bottle, and the sounds of a pop bottle being opened.  It's advertising that catches the attention of consumers and engages them with the brand.
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Interactive Wall Showcases New Products at the NAFEM Show
When the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) was looking for an eye-catching and innovative way to showcase members' new products at its trade show,  they chose an interactive wall from GestureTek, along with a suite of custom interactive special effects that integrated new product imagery into eye-popping bubbles, flip tiles and fireworks. 
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Introducing Vertical Multi-Touch for Store Windows!
Looking for a vertical multi-touch interactive solution?  Look no further than GestureTek. Our patented multi-touch interface for tables, bartops, countertops, freestanding displays and retail windows features highly accurate tracking, is resistant to the effects of ambient lighting, comes included with an impressive library of interactive special effects, games and applications and can be configured with object recognition.
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