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 Spring 2010    

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GestureTek Shows Vertical Multi-touch & LCD Table at InfoComm

Large Format Vertical MT at Shanghai Expo

Gesture Control Makes Pennzoil Slick

Virtual Graffity Builds Brands in India

French Museum Is No Multi-Touch Dinosaur

IPG Labs Highlights Advertising Technology

The Cube Takes New Décor on the Road

School Engaged by Interactive Floors

CTO Discusses Advanced Technologies

New Portable MT a Hit at GlobalShop

Japan Gets New Touch-Free Mobile Games




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This spring has been a season of 'firsts' for GestureTek. We've expanded our content development team to meet growing demand for creative and practical applications for retail, advertising and other markets. We've expanded our dealer network and launched major sales and marketing initiatives in Asia and the Middle East. As well, we've added a host of flagship brands to our roster of organizations using GestureTek technology, including Clearwire, LG Electronics, Old Navy and Universal Studios.  Finally, we've introduced two powerful new products - the GestDisplay 60" MT, a turnkey freestanding vertical multi-touch display unit with a large-format screen and the GestTable 42" LCD multi-touch table.  I urge you to contact us at info@gesturetek.com for all your interactive system or software needs.  As the trusted solutions provider for leading systems integrators worldwide, GestureTek's patented, award-winning gesture control technology is fast, accurate, reliable and flexible. Plus, many of our technologies are compatible with Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch. With thousands of installations globally in countless sectors, GestureTek gives you experience, security and piece of mind.

Vincent John Vincent

GestureTek Inc.





LCD tableStop by Booth N1870 this June 9th to 11th at InfoComm at theLas Vegas Convention Centerto play on our new GestTable, an LCD-based multi-touch surface computing table with a high-definition 42" screen.  You'll also see our new Gest Display 60" MT, a turnkey freestanding large-format multi-touch unit. These turnkey, plug and play systems bring the natural dynamic of multi-touch and gesture control to nearly any space.  


Read more on our other Multi-Touch solutions. Read more on our Gest Display 60" MT.

A Sneak Peek of our Technology at the Shanghai Expo

shanghai multi-touch wallGestureTek technology has been chosen as the centerpiece of 21 exhibits at the renowned Shanghai Expo, on for the next 6 months - at The Shipbuilders Pavilion and the Kazakhstan Pavilion.  One display showcases a larger-than-life functioning aquarium that also displays animation effects based on the real-time movements of the fish living in the display. Other featured technologies include the AirTrack gesture control system to operate touch-free multimedia presentations about the history of Kazakhstan, Illuminate Multi-Touch Tables which operate an interactive multi-touch map that allows people to select locations and retrieve more detailed information on points of interest in Kazakhstan, and a large format multi-touch wall for simultaneous interaction.
More coming on Shanghai Expo in our Summer newsletter! Read more on Multi-Touch solutions. Read more on trade show solutions.

AirTrack and HoloTrack Frame Take Gesture Control to the Next Level

pennzoilLucky visitors to the Rotella Road Show and the Pennzoil "Feel the Clean" promotional events experienced first-hand the power of GestureTek's 'point to click' presentation technology, thanks to event marketers The Kerry Group. Using the AirTrack portable gesture control system and the HoloTrack Frame freestanding computer control unit, visitors were able to point with their finger to select menu items of interest or swipe their finger to move along through multimedia content. Kerry Group says GestureTek's experiencial interface technology helped strengthen relationships between the brands and their end customers. 
Read more on Pennzoil installation. Read more on the GestTrack product line.

Virtual Graffiti Advertising Display Boosts Godrej Brand inIndia

XeniumWhen the Godrej brand launched its new social media site the company turned to technology solutions provider Xenium and Gesturetek's Illuminate multi-touch display system to deliver a creative and innovative interactive advertising solution. An interactive exhibit, built in a theatre lobby, encouraged passers-by to create their very own virtual artwork. The successful campaign generated 25,000 new user registrations in just four days. 
Read more on the Godrej installation. Read more on our Multi-Touch Display.

Dinosaurs Roam Halls of National Museum of Natural History

natural history tableVisitors to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Franceget the chance to experience life in the time of the dinosaurs with an interactive multi-touch table installation called "In the Shadows of Dinosaurs". GestureTek's gesture controlled tables with interactive games from MTC Arsenique entertain children and parents alike and educate them about the life and times of the dinosaurs.  With over 3,000 visitors so far, the system is built to withstand the rigours of heavy use.
Read more on the Museum of Natural History installation. Read more on museum market uses.

IPG Labs Features ScreenXtreme and The Cube in Advertising Technology Showroom

IPG labsLos Angeles-based "emerging media" company IPG Labs, part of worldwide marketing communications and marketing services provider Interpublic Group, maintains a showroom of the latest retail and advertising technologies, including GestureTek's Cube portable interactive floor and ScreenXtreme immersive virtual reality system for digital signage. The organization sees great promise with gesture control to put advertising content into the hands of the consumer and exponentially boost advertising recall, brand affinity and customer engagement. 
Read more on the IPG installation. Read more on advertising market solutions.

Portable Interactive Floor Games Add Brilliance to Cross Country Promotional Tour

Benjamin Moore GestureFXWhen GestureTek reseller Cineviz and content creator freshpaintdigital planned a nationwide product launch tour for a major design and décor brand, they chose the Cube™, GestureTek's portable interactive floor display system. The Cube displayed three dynamic interactive games onto the floor for the enjoyment of visitors. The experiential display promoted the product in a brand new way and brought a whole new dimension of customer interactivity to the campaign. 
Read more on freshpaintdigital project. Read more on retail market solutions.

GroundFX Engages Minds and Bodies at Escambia WestgateSchool

escambia playgroundEscambia Westgate School inPensacola, Florida is geared to special needs children.  The school uses the magic of our GroundFX interactive floor technology to help engage students in the learning process.  Fascinating dynamic interactive images not only support the school's design themes, but also aid in the students' physical and cognitive development.  Display interaction was found not only to increase students' ability to pay attention and stay on task, but also to enhance their verbal skills and ability to interact with others.  
Read more on the Escambia Westgate installation. Read more on GestureTek Health.

CTO Shares Discussed Advanced Technologies at Interactive Displays Conference 2010

Francis MacDougallGestureTek CTO and co-founder Francis MacDougall shared his insights about advances in public display interaction at the Interactive Displays 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA. The session addressed exciting new technologies in gesture-based public displays and digital signage. GestureTek's innovations, including multi-touch and 3D tracking, are designed to draw crowds, advertise products and entertain visitors. Francis' presentation highlighted a recent installation of GestureTek's interactive display technologies on a new ride at a major theme park in Japan.


Watch video on theme park installation with multi-touch and 3D tracking. Read more on IDC. Read more on 3D tracking.

GestureTek Exhibits Advertising & Digital Signage Interactive Solutions at Globalshop

70" MTGestureTek exhibited its line-up of turnkey, plug-and-play display solutions at Globalshop 2010 inLas Vegas. Featured technologies included our new Gest Display 60" MT, a freestanding turnkey large-screen multi-touch unit and the Cube portable interactive floor display system. GestureTek's gesture control display systems have been used by retailers worldwide to deliver branded in-store entertainment and advertising experiences, including Children's Place, Virgin Megastores, Sears, Target, Nike, Samsung, Cingular, AT&T Wireless, Hugo Boss, Old Navy, Hudson Bay Company and LG Electronics. 


Read more on Globalshop. Read more on our retail market solutions.

Mobile News: Genki Brings Airplane Game with GestureTek to Handheld Game Devices

GestureTek MobileIn Japan, Genki Mobile has launched an interactive game for handheld game devices that uses GestureTek's motion-detection software. The game features a touch-free interface. There's no need to press buttons or use a stylus. Players achieve joystick-like device control by moving the device forward and backward or left and right. GestureTek's software can be delivered over-the-air to application developers or embedded directly into device hardware. 
See Genki's video of GestureTek on handheld game device. Read more on GestureTek Mobile.




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