GestureTek, Surface Computing, and More!
Nine Exciting Examples
July/August/September 2007- Vol 1, Issue 1
In This Issue
TableFX in restaurants
Illuminate Displays sell Luxury real estate
Interactive Tables Down Under
Virgin MegaStores & Interactive Album Art
ScreenXtreme Soccer a hit with fans
Corporate Advertising discovers WallFX
BarFX: the 20-ft Light Show Experience
Samsung Corporate Info Table
the Magical Illuminate Kiosk
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As the inventor and pioneer of computer control and interactivity using hand and body motions, GestureTek builds on a twenty year legacy and continues to deliver industry-leading innovations in gesture-recognition technology, multi-touch surface computing, and "full-body immersive" computing.

Our business is growing by leaps and bounds, and our profile in the news media expands every day.  Yet this success would not be possible without our loyal customers.  They trust us to execute on some of their most cutting-edge initiatives. 
Please take a brief moment to read about some of our most exciting client work.  Just click on the links to your left.  We're confident these cases will spark endless ideas in your mind about how GestureTek's technology can be used in your business.
Yours truly,
Vincent John Vincent
GestureTek Inc.
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#1: Virtual fishpond provides interest, ambiance and entertainment at Fazooli's Restaurant.

virtual fishpondPatrons at multiple Toronto-area restaurants enjoy a rippling virtual fishpond that's better than the real thing!  People can touch it, finger-paint on it, and engage in multi-player games.  They can even read and interact with advertisements. 
Click to learn about GestureTek's TableFX Product
Click to view a full movie of Multi-Touch Table Interfacing.
Click to read more about how GestureTek's technology is used in Interactive Advertising Networks.
#2: Illuminate Displays Help Sell Luxury Real Estate
 Luxury Condo sales suite
In multiple luxury condominium salesrooms, prospective buyers enjoy the bold, clean and classy look-and-feel of the GestureTek Illuminate display.

Click here for more on Illuminate Large-Screen Interactive Displays
#3. I'll have an Interactive Table for Twenty, please
Serendipity Table 
Australian tourists visit the 'Serendipity Table,' the world's largest multi-touch table, at Melbourne's Eureka Tower. They can explore the stories and history of the city before traveling the world's fastest elevator to the top of the tower.
Click to learn about the Tourism Info Table.
#4. GroundFX brings Album art to Life at Virgin Megastores
Virgin MegaStore 

Shoppers at the Virgin MegaStore in Times Square play with interactive art and promotional messages.  GestureTek's GroundFX system can make in-store design or retail advertising more fun, entertaining, and memorable for the customer.  It's a great tool to reflect a futuristic, cutting-edge brand.
richard branson 
Click to read about GestureTek's GroundFX product.
Click to read about another install: the world's largest Interactive Welcome mat.
#5: Jack Astor's turns Sports Fans from Spectators into Players!
ScreenXtreme soccer
GestureTek's ScreenXtreme system lets patrons at Jack Astor's Sports Bar play "virtual soccer." Hanging over the bar is a framed picture of a soccer pitch.  In a "Harry Potter"-like experience patrons see themselves in the picture in real time, blocking soccer balls.
Click to learn more about ScreenXtreme immersive technology.
Click to download a ScreenXtreme brochure.
#6: GestureTek takes Interactive Outdoor Billboards to New Heights
A twenty-foot wide billboard comes to life in the New York subway; the snow rippling and flying as New Yorkers pass and wave at the scene.  GestureTek's technology is breathing fresh air into billboard advertising for Target stores.
Target NYC subway
Click to learn more about how GestureTek partners create Interactive Out-of-Home advertising.
#7: BarFX: A Nightclub Light Show like You've Never Experienced before.
BarFXWith BarFX, a bar is not just a place for drinking and socializing.  It's a feast for the senses, a veritable light-show extravaganza.  It can even be a gameboard that provides a never-ending source of amusement and entertainment.
Click here to learn more about Bar and TableFX.
Click here to see sample content for bars, tables, floors, and walls!
#8: A Multi-User Information table for Samsung
Visitors learn about the city--and about Samsung products--at this giant, 12-foot long, interactive lobby table.
Samsung table
Click to learn more about the Samsung Interactive Table.
#9: An Illuminate Kiosk Creates a Shining First Impression
Illuminate Kiosk From a distance the image seems to be floating in space.  Used in sales centres, corporate lobbies, and trade shows, this bright, chic kiosk makes a memorable impression while delivering your message in a vibrant and compelling way.
Click to learn more about the Illuminate Kiosk.
Kiosk 2

Thanks for reading--enjoy the rest of your summer!

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