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New interactive systems and more happy clients from GestureTek

 Summer 2008


You can't keep kids off the GroundFX system!



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Multi-Touch Retail Window for Telefónica Turns Heads

3D Depth-Sensing Solution Powers Olympics Flight Simulator

Gesture-Controlled Game Sells Toothpaste for Aquafresh

ScreenXtreme Puts Kids' Images on Display at Science North

Space 3D Uses Interactive Floor for High-Impact Branding

Ivy Hotel's Bar Tops Become Interactive Game Boards

New Multi-Touch & Special Effects Features from GestureTek

Interactive Wall Art Leaves W Hotel Visitors Spellbound


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Dear Valued Contact, 

Savvy technology and marketing professionals have recognized that gesture control is the key to creating an engaging, personalized interactive experience for consumers.  Particularly in times of economic uncertainty, it's important to invest in high-impact interactive display technology that makes your organization stand out from the crowd and maintains consumer interest.  New multi-touch and immersive technologies can further improve message retention, build brand equity and keep visitors coming back for more.
Demand for GestureTek's no-touch gesture control systems is exploding.  Our newly enhanced, 'lighting-tolerant' multi-touch interactive solution is used worldwide in everything from interactive retail windows to way-finding systems. At the Beijing Olympics, our trailblazing 3D depth sensing technology for authentic virtual reality experiences is powering a bleeding-edge interactive flight simulation kiosk.
Even our flagship GestureFX interactive display solution has been upgraded.  GestureFX now comes with over 70 breathtaking non-branded applications and a host of other value-added enhancements.  I can say with confidence that GestureTek offers the most advanced motion-activated solution for interactive presentation and entertainment systems on the market today.  But don't take my word for it.  Here's just one testimonial from one of many happy GestureTek customers:

"Positive consumer reaction, as well as traditional research, has proven the effectiveness of gesture controlled digital signage versus traditional static advertising.  This has inspired us to use GestureTek's technology in our clients' exhibits, games and promotions."
--David Leetham, Director, Sales & Marketing, InTouch Media Group.

Turbo charge your business!  Call GestureTek now to discover how our robust gesture recognition systems can be applied to your next exhibit, display, interactive advertising or digital signage solution.



Erol Vekil

+1 416 340 9290 x282


GestureTek brings multi-touch to Telefónica's retail window 

space3D SwitzerlandGestureTek and its Spanish partner, ATRAE, created a custom 3 x 2 metre retail display window using GestureTek's award-winning multi-touch technology.  Powerful custom multi-touch content showcasing Telefónica's products and corporate successes can be activated by touching or pointing immediately in front of the window.  It's a surefire way for Telefónica to create a buzz! 

Read the Telefónica case study.  View the GestureTek Illuminate Multi-Touch video. 


3D depth-sensing software powers space-age flight simulator at Olympics

space3D SwitzerlandGestureTek and Xpletive, innovators of immersive applications using next-generation technologies, unveiled a space age, custom-designed interactive flight simulator attraction at the Beijing Summer Olympics.  The exhibit utilizes GestureTek's patented hand tracking interface, robust visualization software, state-of-the-art 3D camera technology, detailed geospatial data and a curved panoramic projection dome to immerse users in a heart-stopping virtual flying experience. 


Read the BC Explorer case study. Read the BC Explorer news release.  View our 3D Depth sensing webpage.


Aquafresh spices up toothpaste advertising with ScreenFX interactive game

space3D SwitzerlandEvent marketing agency EMG3 and GestureTek delivered an awe-inspiring motion-activated tooth polishing game to promote Aquafresh Extreme Clean as part of a cross-country promotional mobile trailer. With a wave of their hand, consumers interact with GestureTek's ScreenFX interactive display system to initiate a tooth brushing simulation that creates sparkling white virtual teeth. 


Read the Aquafresh case study. View the GestureFX series video.


Screen Xtreme transports kids into an "edutainment" display at Science North

space3D SwitzerlandScience North, a family attraction in Sudbury, Ontario, has enhanced their traveling exhibit with GestureTek's ScreenXtreme immersive digital signage system.  ScreenXtreme actually transports people's real-time images into the heart of a digital display, where they can watch themselves manipulate the multimedia content using hand and body motions.  For Science North, GestureTek created a game that simultaneously educates and entertains.  Children see themselves onscreen as they learn about water bodies, and correct answers trigger exciting changes to the visual effects. 


Read the Science North business case.  View the ScreenXtreme video.


Gesture-control creates powerful brand experience for Space 3D clients

space3D SwitzerlandSpace3D, a Switzerland-based company that creates unique advertising experiences, uses GestureTek's GroundFX interactive floor for a roster of renowned Swiss-based clients, including telecom giant Swisscom, magazine publisher Ringier and retail chain Migros. The 2008 Euro Cup is just one of the many high-profile events where Space 3D has used our gesture-based interactive display systems to add energy and intrigue to their displays and signage. 


Read the Space3D case study.  View the GestureFX video.


Ivy Hotel turns bar top into interactive entertainment surface

space3D SwitzerlandThe Ivy Hotel's Envy Nightclub is one of the hottest night spots in San Diego, California.  The club's bar tops have been transformed into engaging 'boards' for interactive entertainment, creating a show-stopping conversation piece and enhancing the club's already dazzling atmosphere. Eye-popping special effects are built right into the bar and can be controlled by patrons with hand motions.


Read the Ivy Hotel case study.  View the TableFX video.


GestureTek makes its multi-touch and visual display technologies even better

GestureTek's groundbreaking enhancements to our multi-touch surface computing solutions and our GestureFX interactive display system prove our world leadership in these areas.  GestureFX 1.5 now delivers over 70 engaging non-branded applications & special effects.  It also enables more complex real-time game engine development, multi-projector setup and more.  Plus, we can now deliver multi-touch interactivity on vertical surfaces such as store windows more easily than ever, regardless of lighting conditions. Our multi-touch surfaces come included with GestureTek's full library of special effects and are activated when a user touches the screen or points directly in front of the screen.


Read the GestureFX Enhancements News Release.  Read the Multi-Touch Enhancements News Release.  View the GestureFX Video.  View Multi-Touch Table video. 


Interactive wall art leaves W Hotel visitors spellbound

space3D SwitzerlandThe luxurious W Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, installed a spectacular GestureTek interactive wall featuring WallFX technology to create a one-of-a-kind lobby and generate buzz. Rotating dynamic multi-media images are projected onto the wall for the enjoyment of W Hotel's discerning patrons. When visitors approach the screen and wave their hands, a glowing outline of their body appears, melting away the previous image in a dazzling visual effect.


Read W Hotel case study.  View WallFX Video.


Thanks for reading!!


Vincent John Vincent

President & Co-Founder

GestureTek, Inc