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Summer 2009    

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Virtual Cell Phone Mall Display

Multi-Touch Tables Boost Event Traffic

Interactive Signage Gets Attention in Brazil

Childs' Play Builds Video Wall for Kids

Digging for Virtual Artifacts with TableFX

Kids Love Virtual Basketball at The Most

GestureTek Adds User Metrics & Networking

Multi-Touch Vertical & Windows 7-friendly



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The digital signage and display market continues to be nothing short of phenomenal.  Nearly 10 million signage and professional display units will be sold worldwide in 2009 according to iSupply, with applications for hotel TV, indoor venues, retail signage and billboards seeing the highest growth.


GestureTek is the natural choice for your gesture controlled digital signs and displays.  No other hand and body tracking software is more accurate and no other interactive solutions provider offers a broader range of gesture-driven solutions, and all patent protected.


From interactive floors, tables, windows, walls and kiosks, to Wii-like games and virtual reality environments, our award-winning, multi-patented video gesture control technology creates more engaging interactive experiences for your signs, displays and exhibits.


Contact Erol Vekil at GestureTek to find out how gesture control can help you deliver on your business objectives.  Until then, follow us on twitter.com/gesturetek or visit gesturetek.com.


Vincent John Vincent

President & Co-Founder

GestureTek, Inc.


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LG's eye-catching interactive phone displaySystems integrator MTC Arscénique turned to GestureTek's Multi-Touch Display technology to provide a unique customer experience promoting a major electronic manufacturer's array of mobile phones in French malls.  Custom Flash content recreates the phone's general layout and uses gesture recognition to give users an actual sense of the phone's applications.  The result? An memorable interactive experience in an eye-catching, easy to use display!

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Multi-Touch Table Boosts Traffic & Visitor Interest at Special Events & Launches

You can be James Bond's Q!!Design/technology guru Seeper and Paradigm Audio Visual created breathtaking multi-sensory experiences with GestureTek's interactive multi-touch table at three venues, including the British Film Institute's airing of the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, a promotional event at The Arts Club by Airside (an influential design studio) and a book launch by DeZeen design magazine for Boffi interiors.


Read more on Seeper.  Read more on the Illuminate Multi-Touch Table.  Read more on Trade Show & Promotion Solutions


Bank Displays to Bridal Shows: Trinanda Turns to GestureTek

keeping their attention is child's play!Brazil's Itau Bank maximized its sponsorship of a popular culture festival with GestureTek's Illuminate Display, a gesture-controlled interactive panel.  Our Brazilian strategic dealer, Trinanda, created spectacular custom content, including "point to click" page flip, image manipulation and slide show applications.  Trinanda has also used GestureTek's ScreenXtreme and GestureFX systems for everything from an interactive runway at a Bridal Show to immersive digital signs that transport people's images right onto the advertising screen.


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Interactive Wall Delights Kids at Childs' Play Activity Center

keeping their attention is child's play!The WallFX interactive display system provides more than 70 entertaining interactive games and graphical special effects, which children control using hand and body motions.  The owner says the "play wall" is a differentiator that makes his business unique.  Retailers, trade show exhibitors, restauranteurs and hoteliers agree!


Read more on Childs' Play.  Read more on WallFX.  Read about more Retail Solutions.


Interactive Table Lets Tourists Dig for Artifacts in a Virtual World

keeping their attention is child's play!The GestureFX system is enhancing visits to an historically significant site within a US National Park.  By waving their hands over an interactive surface computing table, visitors to Seminole Rest at the Canaveral National Seashore can embark upon an amazing digital archaeological expedition, unearthing ancient relics as they dig through layers of virtual dirt, vegetation and debris.  

Read more on Seminole Rest.  Read more on TableFX.  Read about more Attraction & Amusement Park Solutions.


GestureXtreme Sports Simulations Teach Kids About Musculature

keeping their attention is child's play!The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology in Syracuse, New York (known as MOST) uses the GestureXtreme interactive virtual reality basketball game to teach kids about body movement.  It's better than Wii because children see their actual image instead of a cartoon, and there's no need to touch or hold anything.  GestureTek offers a complete library of educational and entertaining interactive sports and adventure simulations for any venue.


Read more on MOST Museum.  Read more about GestureXtreme.

GestureTek Announces New User Metrics and Networking Capabilities at InfoComm 2009

aquafreshGestureTek chose InfoComm 2009 to announce that our ScreenXtreme and GestureFX systems, along with the Cube portable interactive floor, are being enabled to use a newly customized network monitoring, content management and advertising metric system. The system allows groups of screens to be organized and managed remotely, providing operational status as well as allowing for content updates.  An integrated face tracker provides advertising metrics, including "number of views" and "duration per view."  The amount of interaction per advertisement is captured as an additional metric.


Read GestureTek's InfoComm news release.  Read more on ScreenXtreme.  Read more on The Cube.


Multi-Touch Now Vertical and Windows 7 Compatible


GestureTek's Illuminate multi-touch/multi-point tables now come turnkey with a choice of three screen sizes (30", 40", and 55").  As always, custom tables can be fabricated.  GestureTek multi-touch now comes on vertical surfaces and is primed for Windows 7 compliance.  Optional object recognition and finger tracking is available as required.





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