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Cube Rocks Museum's Discovery Zone

Interactive Shipbuilding at Shanghai Expo

Google Becomes Digital Advertising Playground

WallFX Powers Interactive Nightclub Ads

Freestanding Multi-touch & LCD at InfoComm

Interactive Displays Go Back to School

Innovation Comes to Special Needs Programs

Interactive Learning & Therapy at Seneca

IREX Success in New York Rehab Centers




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GestureTek Summer 2010 Newsletter

It's been another exciting summer for GestureTek. Hundreds of our Cube interactive projection floor product have been installed in major apparel and consumer electronics retail chains. The response to The Cube has been fantastic, with retailers using it for everything from digital playgrounds to interactive promotional displays. We also unveiled two new products: our 42" LCD high- definition multi-touch GestTable and our mesmerizing freestanding vertical multi-touch GestDisplay, featuring a frameless, free-floating 60" diagonal screen.

With the recent opening of Universal Studios Japan's ‘Space Fantasy’ ride, GestureTek also advanced our position as both the inventor and top innovator in 3D camera-enabled gesture recognition and multi-touch interactive systems. Space Fantasy is the first-ever application of these two cutting-edge interactive technologies in an amusement park attraction. Once you see Space Fantasy, you'll understand why GestureTek is the global leader in delivering reliable free-hand tracking solutions for touch-free control of large-format display screens. To learn more about our turnkey and component systems for gestural, multi-touch, point to control and 3D tracking display interaction, please call us. We also offer software development kits for 3D depth sensing, motion tracking and object tracking, so if you're a developer, please call us to find out more.

Erol Vekil

Director of International Business Development
GestureTek Inc.

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Welcome to the Discovery Zone

The Cube at Discovery ZoneThe Cube, our portable, plug and play interactive floor projection display system, takes center stage in The Discovery Zone at Discovery Science Place in Tyler, Texas. The Discovery Zone is an exhibit filled with technology-based tools that teach children about mathematic and scientific concepts in a hands-on environment. The Cube's captivating special effects and unique interactive capabilities enthrall children, keep them ‘in the zone’ for longer and keep them coming back time and time again. Read more on Discovery Science Place. Read about more of our successes in Science Centres & Museums. Read more on The Cube.

GestureTek Blows Visitors Out of the Water at Shanghai Expo Shipbuilder's Pavilion

Shanghai Expo AirTrackExplore a 40 metre long interactive projection of an actual ship that tells about the ship-building process in a unique and exciting way! Enjoy an interactive aquarium that responds to the movements of fish by creating comic book-like bubbles of words above their heads. Indulge in a cornucopia of seafood information, delivered on a huge multi-touch wall. These are just a few of the mind-blowing interactive installations that used GestureTek technology at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  
Read more on the Ship Building Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo2010. Read more on the WallFX. Read more on the AirTrack.

Advertising ‘Top Dogs’ Learn All About Google in a Digital Interactive Playground

Google & WallFXWhen Google launched their Google Creative Sandbox campaign, GestureTek's WallFX, GestFX, GestXtreme and Illuminate multi-touch tables brought the promotional campaign to life. The interactive campaign targeted India's best and brightest advertising and marketing minds, and opened their eyes to everything Google has to offer. Custom 'Google-inspired' interactive content ran continuously in the form of immersive interactive video wall games, point to control interactive presentations and sports activities like digital ping pong. The event was such a success that Google is thinking of replicating it elsewhere.

Read more on the 
Google. Read more on GestFX. Read more about Advertising solutions powered by GestureTek.

Cranberry Battery Energy Drink and VABANK Nightclub Give New Meaning to ‘Social Interaction’ with GestureTek

Battery Energy WallFXThe new Cranberry Battery Energy drink was introduced at brand new hot spot VABANK in Tallinn, Estonia. The energy drink is promoted on a giant WallFX interactive digital signage system. Whenever patrons pass by the screen, dynamic projections of cranberries magically disappear to reveal an enticing visual of a cocktail and the accompanying recipe. WallFX and ScreenFX are used by countless retailers and advertisers to build brand awareness. They help make product promotions more interactive, engaging and memorable to consumers.
Read more on the VABANK. Read more on WallFX. Read about other GestureTek successes in the Bar & Nightclub market.

LCD Multi-Touch Table and 60" Freestanding Multi-Touch Well-Received at InfoComm

LCD Multi-Touch TableInfoComm 2010 was the backdrop for the North American unveiling of GestureTek's GestTable LCD multi-touch table and the GestDisplay freestanding turnkey multi-touch unit. GestTable is a plug and play, portable multi-touch table with a 42" high definition multi-touch screen. The system can be purchased as a turnkey table or as components that mount on the wall. Units can be connected together to deliver multi-touch interactivity across multiple screens. GestDisplay is a vertical plug and play multi-touch display system with a large, frameless 60" panel. Breathtaking dynamic multimedia projections can function as a digital signage billboard for passersby, while the multi-touch interface provides point- and touch-based access to menu-based informational content. Both systems were well-received by InfoComm visitors. GestureTek's multi-touch table with object recognition for the New York City Visitor Information Center also received accolades at InfoComm, with GestureTek's reseller Videosonic taking the 2010 PRO AV Spotlight Award for this innovative installation.
Read more on GestTable and GestDisplay at InfoComm Read more on GestDisplay. Read more on GestTable.

GestureTek Immersive & Interactive Solutions Facilitate Learning at English School

Farnham Heath End SchoolGestureTek's U.K. reseller Paradigm Audio Visual incorporated gesture control into the Farnham Heath End comprehensive school in Surrey, England. The aim was to engage students with interactive audio and visual stimuli and promote kinaesthetic learning. GestureFX is the only product of its kind to integrate interactive 2D and 3D visuals with sound, thus enhancing the interactive feature. The ScreenXtreme immersive interactive display system can be configured to transport children's real-time interactive video images onscreen, where they can interact in real time with computer-generated effects. Although all students can access the system, consideration was given to those studying Flash and Web Design, as well as special needs teaching, music and drama.

Read more on Farnham Heath End School. Read more on educational uses. Read more on GestureFX.

GestureTek Brings the Dream of All-Encompassing Special Needs Resource Center to Life for MukiBaum

escambia playgroundMukiBaum School's Center for Ability boasts awe-inspiring multi-sensory interactive walls and floors, along with engaging IREX rehabilitation exercise systems that help enrich the lives of children and adults with multiple complex disabilities and assist them in achieving their full potential. It was always the dream of founder Dr. Baum to operate a special needs resource center that housed sensory therapy, art and vocational programs all under one roof. GestureTek and our healthcare reseller, Flaghouse, have helped make that dream come true. Today, GestureTek technology helps deliver the Centre's recreational and educational curricula - stimulating people's language, communication and cognitive skills while providing extraordinary physical and health benefits.

Read more on MukiBaum. Read more on IREX.  Read more on Sensory GroundFX.

Sensory and Rehabilitation Technology Enhance Therapy, Education and Even A Musical Production at Seneca School

Seneca School Sensory RehabilitationToronto's Seneca School for developmentally handicapped children turned to GestureTek's interactive multisensory display technology to provide physical activity and interactive learning opportunities for students. In the school's production of "Where the Wild Things Are" GestureTek's interactive technology even projected images, words and songs during the performance. The school also uses GestureTek's IREX interactive rehabilitation and exercise system for video-based 'virtual reality physical therapy'. Seneca's highly-regarded technology-based programs have been showcased on Global TV and elsewhere.


Read more on Seneca. Read more on Sensory technology. Read more on IREX.

IREX Promotes Short-Term and Long-Term Patient Rehabilitation at Beth Abraham Family of Health Services

Beth AbrahamBeth Abraham Family of Health Services has successfully integrated IREX (interactive rehabilitation and exercise) systems into the rehabilitation departments at four locations in the New York City area. IREX uses immersive video gesture control technology to place patients into virtual scenarios where they are guided through clinician-prescribed exercise regimes to test single or combined joint movement, or full body function. More than 20 IREX applications come included with the system, each designed to target specific areas of the body. Patients have fun and gain a sense of control and achievement, while at the same time improving their abilities in everything from balance and trunk control to mobility and executive functioning.


Read more on Beth Abraham. Read more on IREX. Read more about GestureTek in the Healthcare market.




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