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Winter 2008
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Interactive windows stop shoppers
GestureTek wins multiple awards
Spanish store adds ScreenXtreme Soccer to street-front windows
Walking on water with GroundFX
Virtual reality hits tradeshow circuit with GestureXtreme
Multi-touch Illuminate Table unveiled in Europe
GroundFX's dazzling digital effects a hit in Toronto clubland
RepairTech uses ScreenXtreme at CES trade show
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It's been another busy quarter of product launches, new client installations and international award wins for GestureTek.  I hope your organization has been enjoying similar momentum. I invite you to read this newsletter to learn more about GestureTek's exciting innovations in multi-touch surface computing, gesture-controlled interactive surfaces and retail windows, immersive advertising and signage, and more.  We have the technology and experience to make your interactive presentation and entertainment systems more powerful and more lucrative.  Call us to find out how we can help build your business.

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Hudson Bay Company's retail window becomes interactive entertainment and advertising medium
Hudson's Bay Company street windowGestureTek and partners InTouch Media recently installed an interactive display and immersive media solution for The Hudson Bay Company (HBC) that's destined to turn heads.  GestureTek's ScreenFXT and ScreenXtremeT technologies were embedded in two 10' x 7.5" HBC outdoor retail windows at HBC's Queen/Yonge store in Toronto, Ontario. The ScreenFXT interactive visual display system uses patented camera-enabled gesture-recognition software to track and respond to the movements of people nearby.  Shoppers can interact with dazzling multi-media special effects simply by moving their hands and body.  With ScreenXtremeT (the immersive component) people's real-time images actually appear onscreen, so they can watch themselves as they interact with the advertisements. Games and other applications can also be enabled on the system.  Research shows that interactive and immersive technology engages shoppers, builds the brand and drives store traffic like nothing else.
View the HBC case study.  View GestureFX video.  View Screen Xtreme video.
Multiple Award Wins for GestureTek! 

founder Francis MacDougall accepts Mobile Innovation AwardIt's the year of award wins for GestureTek! Our gesture-controlled mobile gaming and navigation software, called EyeMobileŽ, was the Overall Winner at the 2008 Mobile Innovation Global Awards in Barcelona.  We won because of our innovative user interfaces that enhance the consumer experience.  We were also selected as one of the hottest mobile applications by the NATPE Mobile++ Top 12 Awards.  NATPE is an international mobile content and technology conference affiliated with the National Association of Television Programming Executives.  Other recent accolades include a 2008 Digital Signage Interactive Technology award for our multi-touch surface computing table, and selection as a finalist for Product of the Year by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation.

Read the Global Innovation Awards news release. Read the 2008 Digital Signage Award ScreenXtreme news release. Read the NATPE Awards news release.
Screen Xtreme soccer stalls sidewalk traffic for Spanish store
Interactive Soccer in Spanish store windowMusgo, an upscale design and furniture store in Madrid, Spain, was exploring new methods of attracting consumers to their trendy boutiques. GestureTek and its Spanish partner, Grupo Atrae, created an immersive interactive retail window, taking inspiration from the country's national pastime, football.  ScreenXtreme tracks bypassers and transports their real-time image right onto a 60-inch plasma, projected through Musgo's store window.  People find themselves the star attraction in a fully interactive soccer game, where they have the chance to 'make the big save' as digital soccer balls are launched towards them.  This delivered something unique that draws consumers to Musgo's dynamic display windows.
Read the Musgo business case. View the Screen Xtreme video.
GroundFX lets swimmers 'walk on water' at leading waterpark chain

walk on waterTwo locations within the Great Wolf Lodge chain of waterparks are using GestureTek's GroundFX interactive visual display system to amuse and intrigue swimmers.  The installation features a 'virtual pond' that makes people feel like they're walking on water.  Intelligent, camera-enabled body tracking software makes water ripple and pools of fish scatter every time a user takes a step or moves their body, creating an exciting virtual experience.

View the GestureFX product line video.  Read the Great Wolf Lodge case study.
GestureXtreme virtual reality gaming system featured in Intel booth at CES trade show

interactive gaming with GestXtremeThe Intel Booth at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show featured GestureTek's gesture-enabled PC-based games on Mobile Internet Devices based on Intel low power technologies.  GestureTek's GestureXtremeŽ virtual world experience transports a person's image into a computer-generated landscape, with no special gear or equipment required.  Players can see themselves onscreen as they maneuver thrilling adventure simulations or interact with onscreen characters and objects in real-time. 

ISE multi-touch tableBody motion controls the interaction, giving users an unencumbered full-body immersive experience. GestureXtreme also comes as a 'FUNCAM', a portable unit that can be installed in any public space or retail location.
View the GestureXtreme video. Read the GestureTek CES news release.
Europe gets first look at multi-touch table at ISE

ISE multi-touch tableThis January, GestureTek exhibited for the first time ever at a European trade show, showcasing many of the exciting technologies that the company has delivered to its European clients.  On display was GestureTek's futuristic illuminate multi-touch computing table.  It's one of the world's first surface computing solutions that offers dual-command interactivity for games, special effects, multi-media presentations, and specialized applications such as photo manipulation. The table is being used in novel ways by bars, nightclubs, a/v integrators, location-based entertainment facilities and corporate showrooms to engage patrons, educate clients, and create a high-tech brand image.

View the Multi-Touch Table video.  Read the Multi-Touch Table web page.
Toronto nightclub features GroundFX as interactive art
Dazzling effects capture clubgoersThe ultra-hip CiRCA, launched in November as Toronto's premiere nightclub in a highly competitive market, was looking for an interactive display system that not only contributed to the club's visual appeal but also provided a fun and engaging experience for patrons.  CiRCA installed GestureTek's patented GroundFX interactive floor system in front of one of the club's 'living-art' installations, where performers are encased within glass windows.  When CiRCA was planning a gala party, organizers arranged for the GroundFX content to reflect the evening's specialized theme: dynamic content succeeded in enticing people to engage with the display's dazzling visual effects.
View the GroundFX video. Read the CiRCA business case.
ScreenXtreme immersive advertising technology used in RepairTech booth at CES tradeshow

ScreenXtreme soccer with ActiveX

Warranty service provider RepairTech used GestureTek's ScreenXtreme system with ActiveX plug-in on a giant 50" plasma screen to drive traffic to their booth at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.  The ScreenXtreme immersive advertising solution delivers an immersive virtual experience for passers-by, enabling them to manipulate the 3-D graphics that surround them on the screen, simply by moving their hands and body.

ScreenXtreme comes with over 30 pre-programmed incredible special effects, including  effects that simulate swimming, juggling or wiping away a hazy mist to clear the view. ActiveX controls enable any existing digital signage solution that works on the Microsoft Windows Operating System to run ScreenXtreme immersive interactive software as a sub-window within the overall solution.


Read the CES news release. Read the Screen Xtreme web page. Read the Screen Xtreme ActiveX news release.

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