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Winter 2009
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Multi-Touch Table and Video Wall Kickstart New York Tourism
Interactive Store Window with SMS Sells Condos
Motion Sensing Experience Thrills Cellphone Store Patrons
Multi-Touch, 3D Control, and The Cube Showcased at ISE
GestureTek Software Embedded in Sony Ericsson Phones
Sensational Interactive Store Window Ads from Inwindow Outdoor
3D Tracking and Control Solution Featured at CES
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Dear valued contact,
The number of interactive digital signage systems is growing globally as more advertisers realize the power of interactivity and experiential marketing. Analysts predict the digital signage market will grow by more than 17% this year in North America, and by more than 125% in the Middle East.*

As the inventor and world leader in interactive display systems, GestureTek predicted this trend years ago and focused our powerful Ottawa development team on creating digital signage solutions especially for the retail and advertising arenas. Among our newest products are the Cube (a plug and play ground projection system) and smaller multi-touch tables with the option of object recognition. Also coming this Summer is our new free-standing Illuminate multi-touch, multi-user display with a glass or acrylic surface that offers the same functionality as the multi-touch table. These compact, easy-to use systems are designed with retail in mind.

Sales of our existing multi-touch tables, windows and display panels remain strong as we continue to expand our business globally. Apart from Asia and North America, GestureTek is represented more strongly than ever in countries all over the world, including in Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East and Australia.

We are so successful globally because we understand where the digital signage business is going and this drives our product development strategy. Read the latest article by our President, Vincent John Vincent, on how new technologies like immersion, multi-touch and 3D tracking are transforming the display business

As always, I encourage you to contact GestureTek to find out how these new technologies can help build your brand, increase your business and drive long-term sales.

Erol Vekil
Sales Director
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Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 1P9
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* BNet Business Network Jun 07; DOOH Forecast 2008; Lyle Bunn Digital Signage Year in Review; http://www.ameinfo.com.18557.html
Multi-Touch Tables and Interactive Video Wall Transform New York City Visitors' Center
New York Visitors' CenterGestureTek created custom multi-touch projection tables with finger tracking and object recognition software that deliver a mind-blowing self-navigation and way finding experience for New York City tourists and locals alike. Using gestures, people can take a 'fly-through' of the streets of New York, get information on points of interest, print out an itinerary of sights, entertainment, restaurants, theater, shopping, events and cultural activities, print out directions to desired destinations, send an email and even SMS to a cell phone. An interactive multi-media video wall, delivered by Videosonic Systems completes the multi-touch surface computing experience.

Read New York City Visitors Center Case Study. See the Multi-Touch Table Web Page.
SMS-Enabled Interactive Store Windows Promote EVO Condo Sales
EVO by The LiftA massive multi-panel interactive storefront window on a busy Los Angeles street powered by GestureTek's ScreenFX technology promotes the EVO Real Estate Sales Center, provides information 24/7 on Evo's offerings and even books sales appointments.
The interactive advertising display integrates a motion and gesture-based interface with touch-based interactivity and SMS enablement. As people pass by the window, a motion sensing camera tracks their movement and initiates a computer command to bring the image of a young woman to life. The woman initiates passers-by in conversation, encourages them to text her, and books condo viewings on the spot. It's advertising at its finest!
Read EVO Case Study. View ScreenFX web page. See other retail examples.
GestureTek Brings Motion-Sensing to Global Electronics Retailer
phone home!GestureTek created a custom motion tracking interface for an interactive product display in the flagship stores of a major cellphone manufacturer. When potential buyers reach for a mobile device on the store shelf, the tracker automatically senses the movement of their hand and signals the system to play a multi-media presentation about the specific mobile device that the consumer is eyeing. The first implementation of GestureTek's custom tracker was in Brazil. Reception to this innovative new retail interface by both customers and the industry has been so positive that the company is exploring even more ways to use GestureTek's video gesture control technology in their stores.

See the GestTrack webpage. View other mobile successes.
Europe Loves GestureTek's Multi-Touch and 3D Tracking Innovations!
The Cube brings you plug & play interactivity!GestureTek unveiled our newest gesture control innovations at the Integrated Systems Europe Show in Amsterdam - including our turnkey plug and lay interactive projection system called The Cube™, our Illuminate™ multi-touch surface computing table and our brand new 3D vision tracking system. Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom, Migros, Ringier, Swisscom, Musgo, Vodafone, and Shell are just some of the organizations that have used GestureTek technology in Europe.
Read more about GestureTek at Integrated Systems Europe. Read more on The Cube.
Our Optical Tracking Software Launched in Sony Ericsson Devices
GestureTek MobileGestureTek's camera-enabled optical tracking software is now embedded in Sony Ericsson's new F305 motion-sensing mobile phones. The software lets F305 users play motion control games using advanced gesture recognition technology. Other companies embedding GestureTek's software into one or more of their mobile products include Sharp, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and NTT DoCoMo. Similar solutions are moving to laptops, consoles, PCs, set top boxes and other electronic and audio visual equipment. GestureTek is clearly leading the way in replacing touch systems with gesture-based user interfaces for displays, devices, and digital signs.

Read the Sony F305 news release. Learn about our Patents and Technology Licensing Program.
Gesture Control Boosts Advertising Awareness for Inwindow Outdoor
InWindowInwindow Outdoor uses GestureTek's video gesture control technology to transform vacant storefront windows into head-turning interactive advertising displays. Research proves the advertising experience is far more memorable when people can actually control the content by moving their hands and body. One of Inwindow's most notable installations using GestureTek is for iShares. It's a captivating 3D rendering of an office space that disperses layers of fog as people walk by.
3D Depth Tracking & Control Innovations Impress at CES
3d depth-tracking has to been seen to be believed!GestureTek brought the concept of air touch to the forefront at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, where we demonstrated our bleeding-edge 3D depth tracking and control technology. Our award-winning webcam-based control solution tracks your hand, face or body motion to control televisions, video games, computers, display screens or any camera-enabled device. A depth camera generates 3D data and translates depth information into joystick control. The system can even capture people's real-time full-body video image or their full-body 3D avatar onscreen, enabling users to interact dynamically with characters and objects in a computer-generated environment. Among our most notable 3D depth sensing installations is an interactive flight simulation attraction at the Beijing Olympics.
Read CES 3D Tracking news release. Visit our 3D Depth Sensing webpage.

Thanks for reading!!
Vincent John Vincent
GestureTek, Inc
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