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The latest news relating to ScreenXtreme™.

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Sunnyvale – California – March 5, 2007 – GestureTek—the world leader in Interactive Digital Signage—is excited to announce the launch of ScreenXtreme, a completely new form of interactive public display. ScreenXtreme leverages the power of immersing the live video image of passers-by onto the screen, empowering them to engage the branded imagery and dazzling effects. ScreenXtreme utilizes a unique patented, camera-based technology that tracks the area in the vicinity of the display to capture and display the images of the people who are moving. Users' gestures manipulate graphics that surround them on the screen. GestureTek has created several templates that can quickly incorporated advertisers' brands and product imagery. Effects include, but not limited to seeing yourself swimming underwater, rolling animation around your body, wiping mist away from yourself. GestureTek will unveil this stunning display system at GlobalShop EXPO 2007, March 7-9, in the Las Vegas Venetian hotel.

Information vies for the public's attention today as never before. ScreenXtreme's personal and entertaining approach will not only attract and keep that attention; it also ensures message impact like nothing else. People cannot resist engaging the ScreenXtreme display when they see themselves immersed and interacting with the message.

GestureTek CEO, Bill Leckonby, is enthusiastic about ScreenXtreme's impact. "The power of ScreenXtreme is that it stops customers in their tracks. It's a fun and informative way to directly engage viewers in brand advertising through interaction, or by simply watching the display effects created by other users immersed in the advertisement," says Leckonby.

Utilizing GestureTek's patented camera-based tracking system, ScreenXtreme immerses participants' real-time video images onto the LCD or plasma display. By converting body movement into computer control, users are able to manipulate screen elements with hand and body gestures. ScreenXtreme includes over twenty pre-programmed effects that will transform your existing display graphics into exciting and dynamic presentations.

Multiple presentations may be sequenced and scheduled in order to provide an array of various products and services or to create variety. ScreenXtreme is an optimal solution in wide range of environments, including malls, airports, retail locations, store windows, or trade shows.

About GestureTek GestureTek is the world leader in computer vision for gesture-based control of information and entertainment systems and displays. GestureTek’s gesture-recognition technology is employed in a wide array of applications and environments, where the user is either stepping on or into interactive floor or wall projections, pointing at a display from any distance, or having their real-time actual video image immersed on the screen. Public installations and kiosks appear in multiple markets: museums, science centers, military control rooms, location-based-entertainment facilities, retail locations, physical rehabilitation programs, interactive floors or windows, and interactive billboards. Consumer applications include those on the home PC, console gaming, toys, and mobile devices. GestureTek headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in Toronto, Ottawa and New York. For information and/or a DVD or video, contact GestureTek at 416-340-9290 ext. 274,

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