Tracking Mode

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Tracking Mode is available via Full Setup or by selecting SETUP > Tracking Mode from the GroundFX Tracker console.

It is necessary to select how the Tracker will interact with user interaction. In most cases, Motion is preferred.

Background Model

This system maintains a model of the background, updated over time. This method detects complete silhouette of the user. It is best where ambient infra-red light is controlled and there is not constant foot traffic.


This system detects motion. This method is works best in most situations, especially in locations where the ambient light changes, or there is constant foot-traffic over the presentation area.

To set Tracking Mode:

Select your desired Tracking Mode and click "Next".

If you had selected setup > Tracking Mode from the Tracker console, you will see a "Finished" message. Click the "Finished" button to return to the Tracker console.

If you had selected setup > Full Setup from the Tracker console, you will be taken to Alignment.

Continue: Alignment