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Latest Press and Media Coverage on GestureTek Inc.
GestureXtreme Showcase Video
GestureXtreme Supplementary Video

The latest news relating to GestureXtreme®.

Face & Hand Tracking for Android® & Symbian® at Mobile World Congress

GestureTek�s vertical multi-touch at ISE Show

Installation � GestureTek�s 3D Interactive Flying and Virtual Game Experience for Gondwana Museum

Interactive Basketball Simulation a Slam Dunk at Science Museum.

PC World showcases GestureTek's Minority Report style gesture-based interfaces.

GestureTek launches 3D depth sensor solutions for lifelike virtual reality experiences.

GestureTek's 3D depth sensor powers interactive flight simulator at Beijing Olympics.

GestureXtreme virtual gaming systems installed in Children�s Place stores throughout U.S.

Cell Warrior interactive virtual reality game provides edutainment at school museum.

WSI licenses GestureTek technology to turn weather presentation systems into interactive virtual sets.

GestureTek and Hasbro's PLAYSKOOL division announce new gesture-recognition learning application.

GestureTek unveils electronics-free "Wii-like" control wand at Toy and Game Shows.

GestureTek wins 'Best New Product Award' for technology applied to amusements.
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FunCam Portable Virtual Gaming System
Gesture Xtreme 'FunCam': “Wii-like” gaming without the limitations

(Note: This product is not currently available)

Children's Place 1

This portable unit provides hours of gear-free virtual gaming enjoyment, with no green screen background required. Install it anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for stores, bars, casinos, location-based entertainment centers, children's museums, science centers and any other public location that requires a flexible, portable, gesture-controlled entertainment system.

FunCam will delight users and give them an experience they will remember for years to come.

Children have fun while their parents shop at Children's Place stores in the U.S. 'FunCam' is installed in more than a dozen retail locations, plus countless location-based entertainment centers and other public locations.

Funcam Logo
Funcam - Ninjas funcam - Sharkbait Funcam - Wizard's Cavern Funcam - Drums
Watch Video Watch Video Watch Video Watch Video

Five reasons why you should install ‘FunCam’ in your store or business… 

‘FunCam’ provides hours of safe & enjoyable fun for all ages

Install ‘FunCam’ nearly anywhere & choose from a variety of age-related content.

Low Maintenance
‘FunCam’ has no moving parts. Includes a flat-panel display, a camera and a computer.

Safe & Sanitary
It’s touch-free, germ-free fun - on a safe, flat surface.

Great advertising vehicle
Promote your company’s brand message, or sell advertising space to others.

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GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S. patents include: 5,534,917 (Video Gesture Control Motion Detection);
7,058,204 (Multiple Camera Control System, Point to Control Base Patent); 7,421,093 (Multiple Camera Tracking System for Interfacing With an Application);
7,227,526 (Stereo Camera Control, 3D-Vision Image Control System); 7,379,563 (Two Handed Movement Tracker Tracking Bi-Manual Movements);
7,379,566 (Optical Flow-Based Tilt Sensor For Phone Tilt Control); 7,389,591 (Phone Tilt for Typing & Menus/Orientation-Sensitive Signal Output);
7,430,312 (Five Camera 3D Face Capture).

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